Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Happy Birthday to Me!!! Tell me true. How did I get to be this old so fast? Guess I must be having a good time then, huh? I think so.

Yes, it's dark and rainy. Again. We actually had a record rainfall in October and since November is normally downright soggy, there's no surprise that the rain warnings continue. I kind of like the grainy effect on my photo anyway.

  • Mustard asymmetrical hem T-shirt, MM
  • Dark brown Issey Miyake baggy pants, MM
  • Seaweed Laminaria shawl, MM
  • Fall Pomatomus socks, MM
  • Undies (bra, panties, sock liners), SB
  • Birkies, Me-Painted - switching to boots to go out later

Whenever I wear these gigantic harem pants in public I always get funny stares. I have no idea why! They are super-comfy. The pattern (V1328) came out in 1994 and this is the second pair I've made. The other one is in old gold and I still wear them occasionally too. The Fashion Police will just have to deal because I'm being taken out to lunch with Thom by his mom. No idea what's in store for dinner yet. Depends on whether I'm even hungry after a big lunch!


Tami Von Zalez said...

You might be getting stares because that style is otherwise known as Hammer pants think M.C. Hammer's song, Can't Touch This.

Louisa said...

Does that mean you don't like my cool pants either, Tami? Heh. Of course I have no idea about popular music anyway. I think I stopped listening to it somewhere back in the 80's when I still had teenagers at home.

pao said...

oh, I luv those Issey Miyake pants, Louisa. You're just too cool and don't know it. And what top is that? Please more close ups, and what fabrics are you using. Oh, I know, they're all knits aren't they? Happy Birthday to you. I know, we're both going on Social Security this coming year, so you know how old that makes us!