Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Yesterday morning's double rainbow:

You didn't get an outfit photo though because they were things I've already worn and I was grubby. The weather was warm and even occasionally sunny thanks to a Pineapple Express system from the south Pacific. It gave us a record high temperature so I had to get out in the garden! I was down to shirtsleeves in about 2 seconds flat and raked leaves out of my veggie garden until I got a blister on my thumb. There's still more leaves to go though so we're not done yet. Walnut leaves are not good for the garden so they go in the leaf bags which the city takes away to compost. Good thing too because our giant compost bin is full to bursting with the chestnut and other leaves and garden waste. Hopefully I'll have lots of good stuff for the soil come spring.

Meanwhile today it's raining again so we're back to the grainy photos:

  • Poly-knit jumper, MM (self-drafted)
  • Black long-sleeved t-shirt, SB (a relic from one of Thom's workplaces)
  • Crumpled red scarf, SB
  • Black stretch boot-cut pants, SB (love these so much I traced them for a pattern!)
  • Red Tulip socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Black Florida Birkenstocks

Dressed for: Tea with a friend


Sharon in Surrey said...

Ahhhh - so that's why it got so warm yesterday!!! I had my front door open, ate lunch on the patio table & wandered around without my jacket!!! The sun actually came out for a while here in Surrey. It was very nice to drive with the windows down for a change too. I heard it was 19 degrees at YVR at 6:30 last night!!!

Melanie said...

Pineapple express - so that was it. I was taking off bits of clothing all the way home from my walk! And tea with a friend for you - how lovely, especially on a rainy day. Great outfit for it.

pao said...

Pineapple express? Sounds like a new ice cream flavor. Your jumper is lovely.

Louisa said...

Oh yum! Too bad there's no real pineapple in this one. Heh.