Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Solstice!

Hello, my darlings, from beautiful snowy Vancouver. Yes, it did indeed snow on Tuesday and we have about an inch and a half of the semi-melted icy stuff left in our front yard. Looks all festive and wintry out there.

Tuesday was actually an interesting day - in the ancient Chinese curse sense at least. First thing in the morning I had to walk down to my doctor’s in the pouring rain which of course turned into big fat snowflakes just before I got there. All because I had a weird rash. And a sneaking suspicion. Bet you know where I’m going with this, don’t you? To celebrate the Holiday Season I have a delightful case of shingles! (Or as Thom calls it “roof tiles” because ???) Bleh. Welcome to my Pity Party.

Will this make me feel guilty about not getting the vaccination because, hey, I could think of several other things to do with $200 that seemed to be more pressing? Perhaps. Or maybe not because it’s not 100% effective anyway and the antiviral meds I have to take only cost $50. Can’t make it go away but it helps. I’m actually feeling on the mend today anyhow. Apparently I’m getting off reasonably lightly compared to some. Assuming feeling like you have a mild touch of the flu and a few aches in odd places is lightly. And the rash of course which doesn’t feel like much at all except I couldn’t comfortably wear a bra for a couple of days. Poor me.

But the sad thing is I missed my Guild’s Christmas party today and tonight’s Solstice lantern walk with music and folk dancing and the fire dancers. Sigh. Here’s my poor sad stay-at-home lantern:

It’s the same one from last year but with new colour-changing LED tea lights in it! It looks much prettier now. Maybe next year it’ll get a chance to walk with me again. Meanwhile, the shortest day is gone and longer days are just ahead. Next stop: Christmas! Man, am I relieved that I don’t have to cook a big dinner or host the Thundering Hordes this year. Just whip up a salad and pack the remaining butter tarts and shortbread and we’re good to go. I currently have about as much energy as a wilted 3-day-old lettuce leaf but hopefully more recovery will happen before Monday. I’m not missing Christmas with the fambly!

Anyway I will be so relieved to finally get all this holiday stuff over with for another year. Oh, to not have “Holly Jolly Christmas” as a permanent earworm! Oops. Did I just pass that on? You’re welcome! Mwah-ha-ha...


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

AW Louisa...shingles sucks! It does sound like your case is on the mild side which is a blessing. My Dad nearly lost his eyesight in one eye. YIKES! You take good care!

Off to the kiddos for Christmas? Have a good one....around here there would NO extra butter tarts to pack up, LOL.

pao said...

ooo shingles, nasty things. You seem to be on the mend quite quickly. Hey, I though medical care was "free" in Canada and it was only the U.S. that made it into a big business. Have a good rest of the holiday, Louisa.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Ahhh Shingles. I remember them well. My Ex called in terrible pain with a weird rash - I'd never seen Shingles before but heard about them. I whipped him into the nearest clinic - they saw him quickly because they said he was contagious - and got the antiviral meds immediately even though they told me they don't work once the rash appears, they lie!!! Got him home & he felt better within two days. He was back to work a week later because he was 'bored'. Half the school was down with the Pox & two teachers with Shingles. One teacher was off for months!!! The Ex's rash took a while to disappear but he felt fine. He had it on his face, on his eye lid,ear & scalp. You should be fine for Christmas if you're already feeling better on the meds. Too bad you missed Solstice & all the dancing naked under the stars but there's always the New Year. Get well soonest, you need to rest & sleep for the meds to work!!

Louisa said...

Thanks for the kind get well thoughts. I needed that to get me out of my self-pity wallow! {Deep breath.}

No, pao, not exactly FREE medical in Canada! In BC we pay a monthly premium for basic services (on a sliding scale depending on income) and some people have extended medical plans through their employer or purchased separately that cover more. Pretty darned cheap though compared to American medical insurance. Unfortunately some things aren’t covered and this vaccine is one of them. At least in BC.

Heather said...

Have a lovely peaceful Christmas and hope your rash disappears in short order. Hugs and love!