Monday, May 01, 2006

Welcome In The May-O

We were up
Long before the day-o
To welcome in the summer
To welcome in the May-O
Summer is a cummin in
And winther's gone away-O

One version of this very old traditional (Cornish?) May song is here. And here’s some more info on the supposed origins. I’ve been singing it all morning since about 5 am! It’s got a catchy tune — at least the way I know it. There was an unfortunate downpour of rain at dawn (aka “sparrowfart” as they call it jokingly) when our local Morris Men were supposed to be dancing in the May. It’s nice and sunny though very windy right now. Anybody got a handy Maypole? I’ll supply the ribbons! They’ll be flying bigtime!

I managed to get my next beaded art doll face and body form ready for the Celestial challenge. Her name is Mu Ni since I kept referring to her as “Moonie” while I was stuffing! Her face is polymer clay, translucent with clear iridescent embossing powder used as a mould release. I pressed “craters” into her face with brass tubing before baking and then afterward I used black acrylic paint (carefully!) wiping quickly with a damp paper towel to leave some paint in the features to bring them out. Before I did that you couldn’t even see her very well but the paint brought out her personality. After I made the face, I drew around it to create her body. I think I was inspired by an Inuit ulu shape for some reason. Don’t know why exactly since her dress also kind of represents the sky. Maybe she reminded me of some Inuit carving? Though her face is much more sparkly than whalebone or fossil walrus ivory! Sorry that doesn't show in the photo. I’m really going to enjoy the chance to work with a palette of neutral coloured beads for this project. I’m usually drawn to deep bright colours, particularly reds and oranges, so this is quite different for me. I don’t necessarily have to use all the beads visible on my tray so this is just a starting point. My moon girl is going to be completely beaded, unlike my last Ulva The Mermaid doll. There’s a shorter deadline on this one so I’d better get a’beadin’.

Speaking of beads, have you seen the Bead Inspired Canada magazine? It’s a free download in PDF and it’s quite a nice little publication. Tina Delorme is the editor and she does a very professional job. The current issue is the 10th with 20 pages of projects, articles, and show and tell. Previous issues are still available in the archives. Watch out when printing them on an ink jet — they are very ink-intensive!

What else? Must get back outside today to continue the marathon gardening and planting we started yesterday. We’re trying to whip the veggie garden into shape and get stuff out of the flats and into the dirt. Once I get that done, the peppers will go into the cold frame to harden off but the eggplants are staying in under the lights until June. Some of these will go in the greenhouse and some in the garden and we’ll see what happens. This year we’ll have to experiment how to best use the new greenhouse to get the most benefit. It’s a learning experience. Hope the wind chills out somewhat later today so I can get to work without blowing away.

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