Friday, June 23, 2006

Passed One Test

Well, that makes me feel a little less old and decrepit. I’ve passed my physio’s assessment. She says I’m almost as fit as I can be in the neck and shoulders now. I have to promise to do all my exercises and behave myself by not overdoing things again. I’m good to go — for the moment at least. Does that mean that I have to do the vacuuming again? Oh darn!

Yesterday I forgot to mention that the hearing aids are $2,500 EACH! And I need both. I’m going to enquire about how long they might last if I’m careful and, if things go wrong, what the warrantee is on something that pricey. Do I have to take out special insurance on the darn things? We also found out that T-Man’s extended medical coverage may not extend to hearing aids. So it’s adopted mom’s inheritance (which I’ll be getting soon) that will have to pay. Thanks, mom!

Come to think of it, adopted mom didn’t do very well with her hearing aids. By the time she got them, her brain was too scrambled so that it didn’t make much difference if she could hear you or not. She couldn’t understand that much anyway. My birth grandmother also had hearing aids (which she rarely wore) and Alzheimer’s too. Hope I can avoid that nasty complication of aging if at all possible. I’m going to try anyhow. I think Alzheimer’s (or other dementia) is worse than cancer in some ways. It kills you slowly and eats your true personality first. Less painful maybe but more insidious and with less that you can do about it. Right. They’ve got 15 or 20 years to find a cure before it might affect me. But I digress. At least my hearing problem can be managed just like my vision problems: with modern technology. (Sorry yours can’t, Melanie! Bummer.)

It’s getting downright warm around here today. No, I’m not complaining! There’s still a cool breeze blowing. Off to do something useful.

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