Monday, October 30, 2006

As The World Turns - And Turns

Yup, it’s still doing it, but not so bad as yesterday morning. I’m just a bit dizzy today so I’ll wait until T gets home from work before I go get groceries. If I hold his arm I’ll be fine. I just don’t want to get halfway home and keel over. And he can carry the groceries!

The Little Squares sweater back is off the needles! Yay! I’m blocking it now and impatiently waiting for it to dry so I can get busy sewing this baby together. Meanwhile I’m back to knitting on the Ribby Socks while I wait. I’m up to the heel turn on one and almost there on the second. See?

I love those hand-dyed colours, especially against my not-yet-carved pumpkin. What you can’t see is all the leaves on my deck that I haven’t swept yet. This time of year it’s never-ending. We had our first frost last night so I’m glad I brought the potted heucheras up onto the top deck on Saturday where they’re more protected. I also stuck the remains of the coleus plants in the greenhouse where it’s relatively warm. Maybe they’ll perk up again. The cuttings I took from them are doing really well under the grow-lights in the basement. They’ve all seemed root ok so I’ll still be having more if the ones in the greenhouse don’t make it. I rather doubt they will anyway but just put them in there to extend their lives a wee bit. I should put the geraniums in there too! Oops. Hope the ones out in the front garden are still alive! I’ll have to go check. The Wobblies kind of ended my gardening this weekend, so if they don’t survive I’ll just go buy more in the spring. Road trip to the garden shop. Yes. But we have winter to get through first.

Breaking News! Mailman just came by to deliver one of the 5 books I recently ordered from Chapters/Indigo. I had a $5 off coupon OK? That makes each book $1 cheaper, plus my membership discount, plus no shipping on orders over $39 even if they have to send each one individually. My story and I’m sticking to it. Oh, where was I? Book, right. This one is Shannon Okey’s “Spin to Knit” and before you think that it’s pretty basic for someone who’s been spinning for 30 years, I had to have it because my boss is in it! Yes the lovely Cara Birkeland has a photo of her with her family’s prized carding machine. And that’s not all — my friend Angela is in there too with a helpful plying hint. It’s way cool to personally know people in a real book! I’ll have to read this cover to cover but at first glance I’m not overly impressed with either the spinning or the project patterns. But for my newbie students this will make them not feel so bad about their first efforts! There’s also been some comments out there about the method that Shannon shows for Andean plying. I can’t really fault her because she describes the commonly taught way with the cross over the back of the hand. However, the cross should be on the palm, like this. So much more sensible. More discussion to come. I’m going to read my new book.

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