Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This Is Halloween

I keep hearing that song in my head from Nightmare Before Christmas (one of my favourite animated movies). Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, is just so cute! And I love his girlfriend, Sally, who’s stitched together with needle and thread. Ah, romance. Sigh. Just keep the Boogey-Man away from me.

This is T-Man’s pumpkin. Pretty evil-looking huh? He’s having fun handing out candy while I’m up here blogging. I keep going down to see how cute the little ones are. I’m dressed in my pumpkin and ghost earrings with my baggy orange fleece that makes me look fat and pumpkin-ish.

I have a Finished Object to report! I sewed the last seam on my Little Squares Sweater and it is done. I like it! But it will have to wait until tomorrow to get photographed. I’m no good at doing it by myself and daylight might be a good thing too. More anon. Meanwhile I also finished the last wee bit of knitting on the Leaf Necklace but I’m still stuck on the clasp. I need to give it some hard thinking and perhaps try a few different things. The necklace is really quite heavy so the clasp needs to be strong to support the weight. I also need to repair 2 small missing beads and reinforce the thread through the stone leaves at the same time. The mistakes are on the back so it won’t show but I’ll feel better with some extra thread through the heaviest part. The silk is pretty strong but it’s not very abrasion resistant.

Now I can finish another UFO or start something new. I’m thinking I should finish the Peapod Sweater. There’s not that long before grandbaby number two is due and we should be scheduling a baby shower. I want to be ready without having to kill myself finishing at the last minute.

I read the whole “Spin to Knit” book this morning and have some comments but I’ll save them until the next post. Just had a flock of ladybugs at the door. Big ladybugs! And a little tiger. I should go help.

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