Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Definition: The attempt to brighten up an otherwise boring grey-and-white day with colour!

Here’s the first effort —the Ninja’s sock yarn from Sunday’s session with the leftovers:

Not bright enough, hey? Well next we have dyed the Corriedale roving:

Much better! And lastly the Cherry Leaf merino/cashmere yarn from yesterday:

I was going to dye some more today but I need a break. Three days in a row is kind of my limit of concentration. The leftover dye will keep for awhile so there’s no real hurry here. Instead I’ve been knitting on the SIL socks and starting my Penelope Beret. I’m hoping it will work the way I envisage so I won’t have to frog (thus keeping up with the Penelope theme) but first I’m threading on a bunch of beads. I’m using the method where I glue on the thread to the end of the yarn, let it dry, then slide the beads over across the “bridge”. I have no idea how many I will need so I may have to cut the yarn and add more somewhere before the end. The more beads there are, the more abraded my handspun wool gets. Besides it’s difficult and tedious to have to slide too many beads down constantly as I knit. I only had one hank of these 6° seed beads to start with and, unless I want to order more from Shipwreck, this is it. It only took about 1.5 strands for the wrist warmers though so I should have plenty with 7.5 strands left (out of 9).

It was snowing a little last night and this morning but right now it looks like it’s going to change to drizzly rain. Ick. It’s above freezing and the sky has gone from white to grey — always a bad sign.

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