Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm Dyeing - Day 3

There’s still lots of dye left in the buckets so today I decided to dye more of the merino/cashmere for another shawl. I’m not going to start knitting it yet (if I can control myself!) but I’ve decided to do the Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. So of course I dyed the yarn (all 984 yards that was left in the skein) in cherry colours: greens and a little touch of red to signify the cherries. Or the leaves as they start to turn in fall. Whatever, anyway it reminds me of the cherry trees I grew up with in my backyard.

I did a combination of dipping and pouring to get the dye on the skein. When I was done messing around, I wrapped it up in plastic wrap and nuked it for the 3 – 5 minute sessions with a rest in between each to cool a bit. Worked really well and I got the wool that was dyed on the weekend all rolled up and bagged while I was waiting for the Cherry Leaf yarn to set. It’s hanging on the line right now and hopefully will end up a slightly lighter shade when dry.

I’m not quite sure what I want to dye next. I could go on for another week at this rate! Maybe I’ll hunt out some more sliver/roving/whatchacallit. I know there’s lots around in the stash somewhere. It’s kind of fun to see what colours I’m going to get although they are somewhat lighter (due to the more diluted state) than I usually prefer. There seems to be lots of dyeing power left still however. I just can’t bring myself to waste it.

The second swatch for the Serrano sweater is much better than the first one. I think I’ve got pretty close to the exact gauge with 3.25 mm Addi Turbo circs. That surprises me because I’m a pretty loose knitter so often go down in needle size, not up. Whatever it takes! I’ve been reading over Cosmic Pluto’s (aka Laura Chau) pattern and although complex, I think it’s fairly clear. The truth will tell when I get there! I’m trying to stop myself from going any farther right now though because I want to finish the Pomatomus socks and work out my beret to match the Penelope Wristwarmers that I forgot about. (Not the wristwarmers — I’m wearing them as I type.) I need the beret asap and I need to finish the darn Po-whatsits since they’ve been sitting around for half a year. I also need to start a pair of Ninja’s Birthday Socks right after I finish the SIL Socks. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Too much knitting, not enough beading or weaving or spinning or...

The sun was out in the cold this morning but it’s starting to cloud over now. I guess I should get out and get some groceries before the predicted snow mucks up the streets again. What an interesting winter we’re having. Too interesting.

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