Thursday, April 12, 2007

Getting Somewhere?

Well I might be getting somewhere but it wasn’t into the forest. We ended up not going for a hike and picnic because it threatened to rain. However it didn’t rain more than a drop or two so it was only a teaser. Doesn’t matter because we both got a bunch of stuff done instead. While he worked outside, I completed my MIL’s garb all the way up to pinning the hems where I think they will go. Now all she has to do is try it on so I can confirm that the hems are correct and I can sew them. I also made teeny baby garb for my grandson. I even made him a little overtunic complete with trim. It took me almost as long as the grownup versions (why is that?) and I haven’t done the handsewing yet because I’m saving that for Saturday. I’ll be at another meeting of our Spectrum study group and I will be skipping the felting and beading stuff in favour of sewing garb, including my veil. Photos of the finished garments will be coming when it’s brighter out so I don’t have to use the flash.

Next I need to cut out T-Man’s tunics, under and over. I also need to dye my undertunic fabric before I can cut it out. I’m shooting for a light green which I hope will look well with my pale madder orange overtunic fabric. It’s going to be kind of a lighter and counterchanged version of T’s garb which is dark warm red for the undertunic and dark forest green for the overtunic. At least that’s the plan.

You’re probably getting bored with all the garb stuff so for variety go check out the new spring issue of For The Love Of Yarn. There’s a lot of information on loom knitting including a couple of patterns. Remember spool knitting? This is the same thing only bigger and more complex. Quite interesting except that it’s not about to make me give up my knitting needles any time soon. There’s also a nice sock pattern and several other items. Link is in my sidebar.

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