Friday, April 13, 2007

Not So Lucky

Today is Friday the Thirteenth, if you happen to put any credence into those kinds of things. It’s pouring rain and windy today but I have lots to do indoors. But first, there’s a new issue of Crochet Me up. (Link in my sidebar.) Check out the amigurumi dodo bird. He’s adorable! Do be patient though. The server seems to be very hit or miss today. Maybe too many avid crocheters are trying to access the magazine at once?

With only two weeks left before The Wedding, I’m actually farther along in the sewing race than I expected to be. I’m kind of obsessing about this. (So what was your first clue?) But I feel as if I should go with the momentum. I’d rather have it all done early than be scrambling at the last minute. Today I cut out my veil and sewed the bands that hold it on my head. I’ll be sewing the veil’s narrow hem tomorrow at my Spectrum study group along with finishing up the baby garb. If I can dredge up the energy later I’ll start cutting out T-Man’s undertunic.

But first I want to show my MIL’s almost finished garb:

Nana is quite petite and though I can get into these tunics, they’re still a couple of inches too short for my 5’ 3-1/2” self. I’m going to make her a “coffee-filter” hat which is kind of like a stiff pleated buckram crown held on with a chin strap. She insists she doesn’t like hats but I told her she’d be underdressed without one and this is better than a veil! Besides she likes coffee. Heh.

Meanwhile there was some excitement next door when one of the “hammer brigade” fell out of the non-existent back door and down about 10 feet into the basement stairwell which luckily no longer has cement sides on it but dirt instead. They took him around the house and into the main floor. It took over an hour while they debated but I think they finally decided he had hurt himself quite badly because first a fire engine and then an ambulance showed up. The rescue people tucked him onto a backboard and stretcher and took him off to Emergency accompanied by another of the workmen. A third drove in his own panel van leaving only 2 guys left to get on with the work. They’ve only just started again but none too enthusiastically. First of all they put up a piece of plywood over the open doorway probably at the fireman’s insistence. Hope the man is going to be ok. Guess there IS something to Friday the Thirteenth being unlucky — at least for somebody.

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Nadia said...

Ooo! Like the colour of that one.