Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I don’t keep you on tenterhooks any longer, I ran out of yarn only a few inches from the end. Arrrgghh…

That was AFTER I ripped back the picot edge on the top plus one of the rib rows, finished knitting the bottom picot edge with the beads and then carried on with the top picot again. I was hoping I’d have enough with the yarn from the row I frogged but no, those picots take up a giganticnormous amount of yarn. Now I have to frog that top picot back again plus two more rows because I have to move the beaded rib row down one or it will be eliminated entirely. Then I have to reknit the second rib row putting the beads back in and the entire picot edge yet again. (3rd time lucky?) Currently it’s in time-out awaiting my blood pressure to lower and my good feelings to return. This Twilight Queen had better be worth the PITA it’s been!

I’m due to babysit the grandkids in a couple of minutes. So just to leave you with a taste of spring, here’s the snowdrops almost out under my walnut tree and the lush mizuna and arugula in my greenhouse.

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