Monday, February 11, 2008

Why Is It?

When you start to run out of yarn, why do you start knitting even faster? As if you do it quickly you’ll somehow have enough. Or at least you’ll see sooner whether it works or not so you can either cry or heave a sigh of relief. I’m starting to peer at my ball of SeaWool for Twilight Queen with worried gaze because it’s getting critical now with about 8.5 rows to go. And I know I still need enough left after that to complete the picot bind-off on the provisionally cast-on edge. Eep!

Yesterday I went to our Ravelry group meet-up and there were 7 in total who made it this time. And a lovely little chubby baby boy who gave me big dimpled smiles. I’m a sucker for babies. We had a great time chatting and knitting and one girl was needle-felting. Lots of variety in projects. However I found an error several rows back in my Twilight Queen so I tinked back and reknit up to one row past where I had discovered the problem and that was it for the day. So much for knitting while chatting and playing with cute babies, huh?

Then it was off to Nana’s birthday party where I got to give away not only her socks but B-Bil’s socks and Auntie’s gloves. I shouldn’t have worried at all because they all were very happy with their handknits from me. I got lots of hugs and thanks and wishes from other family members for more socks for themselves. Not only did the gloves fit perfectly but Auntie’s older (92!) sister was coveting them too. They were acting like little girls in the back seat of our VW van — it was so funny. I hope I have enough yarn left to make her a matching pair. It’s really too close to call. She may end up with even more “interesting” fingers! But then Auntie92 is the type to enjoy that bit of serendipity. After all, she tends to wear things like leopard print glasses and white rubber cowboy boots! More knitting for family coming up. I’ve got my jobs set for the foreseeable future now.

Today is dark and rainy. Typical weather instead of the colder weather we’ve been having lately. My garlic is coming up and there’s a few greens (mizuna mostly) in the greenhouse to be picked. I’ll be babysitting the grandkids most of the day tomorrow so chances are I won’t be posting. More baby fun for me! And Princess K who informs all that she’s three-and-a-half and not a baby like her brother.

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Silk said...

hi... i too am in the same place about worrying about if i have enough yarn.. i am making another shawl for Karen B,it called for 700 yards, and i had 800, but i wanted to add another set of patterns, i would have enough for that, but i have to do a lace edging too.. so i plan on putting in different thread just in case i have to tink it... good luck with yours..