Monday, March 24, 2008

The Big Easter Party

Thanks to everyone’s help and cooperation, particularly my brother-in-law and his dear wife, we had a great time and it all went really well! Just like I knew it would. Ahem.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on your point of view) we were short about 6 people so it wasn’t quite as tight a fit as it might have been. Still it was lovely to have so many family members together and there was lots of laughter and chatter. My Mexican nephews were teaching us all “nice to meet you” and “Happy Easter” in Spanish countered with the French equivalents from my 2 Québécoise sisters-in-law. My ears (all of them including the bunny ears) got a workout. There was way too much food since people brought appies and stuff with them even though they weren’t asked to do so. I won’t have to cook all week! Except maybe meat because most of a 16 lb turkey and half a ham disappeared along with an amazing amount of ice cream cake and my sister’s crumble. Yum! My house is nearly back in order except for a few things that need to be put away still and the vacuum run around to get the crumbs off the floor.

Back in crafty mode, I had a chance to show my niece the beginnings of her new socks:

She was very pleased with the colours and the pattern stitch. Now I just have to finish them. She never did get her knitting lesson that I promised. It was going to be during spring break which didn’t happen. We’re holding out hope for the summer though. She really does want to learn but they’re always so busy at seventeen. Trying to capture them is like rolling jello uphill.

So now real life resumes. But I’m taking a bit of a break today. You understand.

Questions to Ponder:

Is using vintage fabrics and refashioning used clothing better or worse for the environment that purchasing new organic cotton clothing? Is locally grown “nearly-organic” (perhaps non-certified but still grown with minimal chemicals) produce better or worse for the environment than certified organic from thousands of miles away? Is it better to buy new “green” products or continue to use your old non-compliant products while they last? Can anyone thread the maze of truths, half-truths and downright lies in the media on all sides of these issues and come to some meaningful conclusions regarding the correct path to follow?

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