Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Eater...Oops, I mean Easter!

Or at least I hope it is. I’m sitting here with the turkey in the oven, everything else done that could be done and just resting before the onslaught. My poor mother-in-law, Nana, can’t come because she has a very bad cold. One less body — but she will be missed today. I made up a teensy Easter basket for each grandchild:

Just toys inside, no candies. And filled two more plastic eggs with chocolate eggs for the nephews. I got some colouring books and crayons and stickers to keep them occupied for a little while. I put out eggs and decorated the Easter branch according to my birth mom’s firm instructions:

The house is waiting and T-Man is reading The Golden Compass (now that I’ve finished it) while relaxing before heading out to pick up the Aunties:

Doesn’t look nearly big enough for 35 people, does it? Nope. I’ll try to get a photo or two when we’re full up. The sun is peeping out every now and then after raining all night. I’m still not sure if we have enough of everything or what — but you can only do what you can only do. Right? Meanwhile I’m also trying to relax. Please tell that to my stomach, will ya?

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Anonymous said...

I had a great time. Did not feel to crowded. Thanks again.