Thursday, May 15, 2008

Questions To Ponder

So why do I put the stove’s timer on while baking when I can’t hear the darned alarm from another room without my hearing aids on? If I wear my “ears” I get uncomfortable double-beeps when it goes off so I opted to save batteries. It was a close thing though — I nearly overcooked my precious Crustless Quiche yesterday. Isn’t it yummy-looking?

Tastes even better than it looks! Barbeque salmon, shrimp, mushrooms, onion, broccoli, cauliflower and mizuna shoots all in a matrix of organic cottage cheese, grated cheddar and eggs with a sprinkling of salt and specialty herbed pepper. De-lish! The exact innards change nearly every time I make it, apart from the cheese-egg mixture, but it’s always good. Keeps us in breakfast or lunches for several days. I’d bake it more often but it’s fairly time-consuming and I must have all the appropriate ingredients on hand. Cottage cheese seems to be the one that gets away most often. That stuff just doesn’t keep well. A ripe banana has more longevity.

Pardon me while I rant about Microsoft for a second. They’re an obvious and popular target but this time it’s my turn. Why did they change the formats for MS Office files so that those of us who have an older version need to download a special converter so we can read the damn things? What’s wrong with being backwards compatible like all the previous versions? If you can come up with a converter it should be easy to avoid needing it altogether. And what’s with the .docx suffix? It’s a prissy affectation! Well, I’m not upgrading either my computer or Office anytime soon if I don’t have to. So there, Bill. :P I’m sure you could make me need to upgrade if you wanted to, but I’m hoping you have better things to do. Like spending your millions on deserving charities or saving the world or something.

I just heard that my 8 Hearts swap package has gone AWOL and hasn’t shown up at the swap mistress’s yet. Sigh. I’m not quite giving up but I mailed them three weeks ago. They should have been there before now. Did I get her correct address? She’s moved a couple of times in the last few years and I’m not sure which is the most recent. She needs to be more clear about it when she’s sending out the reminder emails. I’ll be really pissed if they go permanently missing. Apart from the time lost, that’s around $30 in materials, postage and dues gone bye-bye.

Sorry for the uncharacteristically short post. I’m off to my weavers’ guild meeting today but I will head downtown first. I want to check out the Japanese craft books in Sophia Books and then to Dressew to get buttons for The Chocolate Sweater. Yes, I’m taking it with — I’m wearing it. Wish me luck in finding just the right buttons to complement all my knitting!


Sharon in Surrey said...

Geeze . . I'm coming for dinner!! As to the Office software . . . I'm running Office 2000 & will NOT upgrade either as each upgrade has even more deletable crap that takes up waaaaay too much space from my Audio books. Try Open Office. Apparently it's compatible with everything & is the new standard for many universities, governments & offices because it archives nicely. And, the latest version of Office can convert it's documents to Doc files if it wants to . . .

Dorothy said...

Microsoft make money out of forcing you to endlessly upgrade - that's why I use a Linux o/s. You can get kubuntu free, download from the internet. You can use Open Office software on Linux which reads Microsoft files. Actually, you can also get an Open Office that runs on Windows.

That's not why I'm reading your blog though - I'm a weaver, exploring links on other weaver's blogs and found myself here ;)