Saturday, May 31, 2008

Smells Like Dead Fish

No, not you — it’s me. I’ve been out in the garden today wrestling more of my seedlings into the soil. It’s a lovely day, not too warm, with some sun and high cloud. To keep all my transplants from wilting I filled the watering can numerous times with fish fertilizer diluted with water. Hence the stinkiness. It takes mucho washing to get it off. I even did a sink full of dishes but my hands still smell. Ewww…Anyway the plants like it even if I don’t.

I finally got my woad seedlings in their bed. Here’s one:

They’re probably teensier than they should be at this point but they have been growing very nicely in pots until their bed was finally ready. I was only going to plant half a dozen but since I had a whole dozen plants, I shoved them all in. Hope they aren’t too close together but I imagine I’ll lose a few because they are in kind of a vulnerable spot on the outside edge of our front garden beside the boulevard where folks walk along the grass with kids and dogs. It gets lots of sun there though especially in the morning. Really sunny spots are kind of rare in our yard so I hope they appreciate the fact that they are displacing the perennials that could have been there instead! BTW there’s a great UK website on woad here.

I’ve been rather quiet for the past few days because I’ve been very busy. Can’t mention most of it but yesterday I went to one of my LYSs and fell in love with a African handmade basket:

They got a new shipment in recently from The Baba Tree Basket Company and these are “fairly traded” so the weavers get a truly fair share of the profits. I’ve wanted one of these for ages but didn’t find exactly the right one before. It’s about 40 cm (15”) across and has a strong leather-covered handle so I can use it for shopping or to hold a large WIP or for carrying craft supplies. It has a natural tilt that I find quite charming.

I was going to post the details on Stargazer’s Socks that match his pullover sweater, but I haven’t quite got it written up yet. So, since T-Man has gone off to our nephew’s stag party, I should get some more work done on the Big Secret Project. The finished Smaller Secret Project will be given to his fiancée tomorrow at the wedding shower so I’ll be able to blog about it after that. I’m such a teaser, hey? In my defense I know they read this blog so Mum’s The Word! But first, I can still smell dead fish. Maybe I need a shower myself? The wet kind. With plenty of soap.


Anonymous said...

Lurvely basket. I'm always looking for a good carrying system. Tote bags work for some stuff, but I've been wanting something with more body, and less poke-around-ineffectually-in-the-dark-depthsity. I enjoyed the woad site. The word "woad" always reminds of a book I saw on the library shelves. I didn't read it, but sometimes the title drifts through my head and I titter inanely.

Louisa said...

Woad is definitely a great word! All kinds of punny. The book (and the whole Sir Apropos of Nothing series) you mention by Peter David is just full of puns and silly adventures. I think I have one of them around somewhere.