Friday, May 09, 2008

So Close I Can Almost Taste It

At least I have nice teeth for it after my nearly 2-hour dentist appointment for a cleaning yesterday. And my thrush is gone. (I hope.) But maybe I really don’t want to taste the wool. What I’m babbling about is that I’m almost finished the fronts on the Hepburn Cardi! I’m on a final push to get this one off the needles and into the Accomplishments Book. Only 18 ever-diminishing rows to go. Then it’s on to the collar and button bands. Remind me how long it takes me the next time I get it into my head to work a pattern with such a complex overall pattern, hey? I needs me some good old-fashioned plain stockinette with minimal shaping. Which would be this:

The beginnings of Stargazer’s Pullover using the Johnny Boy pattern from Berroco. It lets the sock yarn do all the patterning and all I do is knit back and forth. I would have changed it to knit in the round but that would stretch the stripes out to half their depth and some of them would just be blips on the back or front and not nearly as attractive. I’m quite liking it so far. This is On Your Toes sock yarn and the pattern takes 2 balls. I’m knitting a size 2 which should fit him for awhile since he’s quite small for his nearly a-year-and-a-half.

While I was at the mall above which lurks my dentist’s office, I went to that store beginning with a Z and bought some new clothes. They had a sale (yay!) and for 5 tops and 3 bottoms it cost me less than $90. Which was around the price of the one blouse I looked at in the Bay. Oddly (or maybe not) most of what I bought was black. Good summer colour, eh? All the other colours were too syrupy sweet for my taste. I did get one deep nearly-violet blue long button-front cardi in a lightweight cotton knit. Other than that, all black or black/dark grey. You will not catch me wearing pink, pale blue, light teal or lemon yellow, thankyouverymuch. Unless they are part of a colour palette that includes a lot of other deeper richer colours. After all the orange I’ve seen around lately though I was surprised that there was nothing in that colour because I would have gone for that for sure. I also dithered over red and a nice soft green but they didn’t have quite the right things in my size. Oh and I now can say I have a pair of “jeans”. Well they’re black and grey denim pull-on pants with big pockets. Close enough. I haven’t worn real jeans in about 30 years. Currently they are all in the dryer. I don’t wear new clothes until they’ve been washed. Who knows where they’ve been? In this case, China and Bangladesh at the very least. Yes, I know. Not politically correct and possibly not environmentally correct either. Are the expensive clothes any better? And how would you know. Truly.

So far this lovely spring morning I’ve heard a woodpecker drumming and a raven calling. I have a heap of dishes from the day before yesterday to wash. And I want some lunch. I can almost taste it!

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