Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Am A Dork

Yep. I’m home today resting my obviously befuddled little brain. I was all prepared to head out this morning until I got a call from my demo partner last night (seconds after I had just fallen asleep) to tell me I’d gotten it wrong and it wasn’t until next week! I actually had the date of the Country Fest thingy written down incorrectly from the beginning months ago. So I can’t even blame my mistake on the stress of the re-roofing. I was actually happy she called (though I probably sounded like a complete doofus) because I was then able to sleep peacefully and wake up knowing I didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything in particular today. That feeling was almost worth my mistake. Nah…

So my house seems very quiet today. We have our little table out on the upper deck again temporarily. I can think. No fear that my house is coming down around my ears! I can work in peace which means I’m nearly finished the edging on the blanket. I’d like to get it done today and into the washing machine so it can dry before the mess that’s coming on Monday. The weather is hot and sunny so it shouldn’t take long. There is one little glitch — some of the violet-blue yarns are pulling out of the stitching at the edge and I have no idea why them and no other of the yarns. It feels somewhat different but it had no label so I have no idea if it has some other fibre (nylon?) or something that makes it more slippery than just plain wool or if it’s just a different type of wool. It’s certainly stronger because it’s harder to break than the other yarns. I hope it doesn’t do something awful when I wash the blanket, like seersucker or popping out or whatever. I know. I should have sampled. But I’ve worked with the yarns before and didn’t expect this one to be any different. It would serve me right to assume, wouldn’t it? Anyhow I hope I can repair the problem without making it ugly. Or uglier, anyway.

I was very sad to have to throw out my oldest pair of Birkenstocks, circa 1991. I guess they’ve had a good long life, huh? For the last few years I’ve been wearing them out to the garden to protect my bare feet but watering in them has completely destroyed what was left of the footbed. So I succumbed to a pair of black Croc-wannabee plastic clogs that were only $8 on sale. They dry instantly and protect my feet better than the old busted Birkies did so they are already an improvement. My first instinct was to get a bright orange colour but the muddy garden aspect made me go with black so they wouldn’t immediately look terrible. They are easy to slip on and surprisingly comfy though I wouldn’t want to go on a hike in them. I also had to repair my newest pair of Birkies. There were some issues with the cork on the toes starting to come apart. Some E-6000 glue and a number of small clamps seem to have worked fairly well and saved me from taking them to my shoe repair guy, Tito, who would fix them perfectly but charge me lots for it. I don’t really tend to be hard on my shoes but I expect them to last for many years. Probably a lot longer than the manufacturers had in mind.

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