Sunday, November 09, 2008


We managed to get out while it wasn’t raining today for our usual walk to the magazine shop plus other shopping followed by a late lunch at our favourite sushi joint. I had to buy a new umbrella because I managed to kill mine. You can’t function in this town without one unless you are very fond of getting wet or you drive everywhere. I got a muted red one this time because I’m totally bored of black umbrellas. This city is swarming with them. I wanted some colour. Like my smoke bush.

I was also glad that I managed to get back the booklet of transit faresavers that I’d missed last week after paying for them. I thought the chance of retrieving the thing was pretty much nil because I wasn’t sure exactly what happened to it. The young man in the magazine shop remembered that I hadn’t picked them up because he waited for me to come back after he found it hiding under the credit card machine. But I didn’t even notice that I didn’t have the booklet until I got home and then I couldn’t get back there all week. Turns out he only works weekends anyway. We were both very happy to get that cleared up! His boss-lady was very helpful also. T-Man and I go there nearly every week and spend money so they know us as regulars and not as someone trying to scam anyone. $19 is a goodly chunk of change to lose. Whew.

In crafty news, I started drawing up the ties on my woven shibori scarf. This is going to take a couple of sessions because it’s very hard on the hands to tie it tight enough. After it’s tied I’m going to dye it. Natural creamy white is just not my colour and it will show off the shibori patterning better with dye. The overtwisted weft yarn should also give it some texture. Ten minutes in the boiling bath sets the pleats permanently. I hope. At this point it’s all just a big sample experiment! Exciting and just a bit scary.

This week is a busy one. I have to get my guild roster booklet off to the printer, go to the dentist for a cleaning and maybe go to a fibre arts guild meeting Thursday night. I also want to go to the big Circle Craft Christmas Craft sale for the first time in a number of years. Just want to see what’s out there and who’s doing what these days. We’ll probably go after T gets off work on Friday. Then I’ll see how many vendors I know personally. I’m sure there’s a few.

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