Friday, December 12, 2008

Frankensocks Junior


For: Stargazer (6” foot - to fit a 2-3 year-old)
Begun: November 26, 2008
Completed: December 9, 2008

Yarn: SR Kertzer On Your Toes, 75% superwash wool/25% nylon, with aloe vera, colourway ON223815, dyelot 117, camo greens, brown and a lot of black.
Needles: Clover Takumi 5” bamboo dpns, size 2mm

Comments: This ball of yarn was total garbage. Knots and bad splices all through. I was going to make socks for The Ninja but decided that the little ones for Stargazer would have less joins and nobody would care if they didn’t match. There was enough for 2 pairs so his mom will be able to mix and match. I ended up only having to join once on two of the socks. There are some small balls and bits remaining.

Damselfly's Sock Pattern Shorthand:
Socks on 52 sts, 4.25” of 2/2 rib to heel flap, plain foot 4.75" before toe dec, dec to 20 sts, dog-ear reduction.

I had a lovely walk in the sunshine yesterday to my LYS, 3 Bags Full. Sivia was working in the shop and she had the incredible moebius/collar that she recently came up with available for a try-on. Have I mentioned what a sweetie she is? A talented addition to the knitting world, she has such a way with lace and beads! I also got the Winter issue of Knitter’s which for once is actually half-decent. I obviously haven’t given up hope on it because I still buy it. And I got another goodie about which I shall not blog. Yet. Plus a second one at my other LYS, Birkeland Bros. Wool. I’m so lucky to have two shops within easy walking distance.

This morning we had some snow which actually stuck. For awhile. And then as usual it turned back to rain, darn it. It was very festive while it lasted! I’m not planning to go anywhere today though I would have loved a walk to the magazine shop. I don’t want to get soaked, not even to see if the Winter Spin-Off is in yet. I’m not that desperate for my magazines. Heh.

Speaking of publications, I have to tell a funny story. I’ve had Nancy Bush’s new “Knitted Lace of Estonia” book on pre-order at Chapter’s/Indigo since the end of October. Yesterday I got annoyed when the original date of December 1st was changed to “temporarily unavailable to order new” so I went to The Needle Arts Book Shop where Marsha had it for less than my member’s discount at Chapter’s. Silly me - I should have gone there first. After ordering from her and getting confirmation, I cancelled the original order. Then of course you know what happened next! It was in at my LYS when I stopped in. Sigh. I could have had instant gratification if I’d only waited a couple more hours. Oh well, I also ordered another of the fascinating Japanese stitch dictionaries at the same time so it will be worth waiting until next week! I like to spread my crafty money around so many vendors can benefit. You know how it is.

And speaking of money, my cheque is off to Kathy in Duncan for the soon-to-be-mine drum carder. She has a friend who is travelling over from Vancouver Island who will bring it for me thus saving postage. I should have it in my hot little hands before Christmas! Whoo-hoo!

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Anonymous said...

I can confirm that Spin Off has landed at MN.
Lovely little socks!