Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year Just Begun

Hope you all had a Happy New Year! I slept through the midnight revelries but I didn’t sleep well. There were firecrackers at random all night and neighbours out talking (loudly) about the fact we got 2” more snow. (Yuck.) Then there were cars spinning their wheels in the icy ruts that still constitute our street corner. Our world has contracted to the distance we can walk and that’s extra-short because of the lousy state of the sidewalks. Several events I’ve been invited to have been cancelled because nobody can get there and if they can, there is no place to park unless it’s shoveled out first. The poor old VW van is on the sick list since it crapped out a number of times getting T-Man home from work yesterday. We’re invited to dinner at his brother’s this evening but only because he’s going to come pick us up in his SUV. Guess there is a reason to own one of those, huh? Never thought I’d reconcile with that. We don’t usually have to deal with weather that is more like the stuff they get in Ontario. It would be much better if the darned city would plough the side streets and make sure everyone has shoveled, neighbours pitching in to help if necessary. Like they do in colder climates. Here everyone just hunkers down and hopes it all goes away quickly or goes out anyway, drives like the weather is balmy and dry, and then complains when anyone gets stuck. OK, I’ll quit complaining. It could be worse. But not much.

I spent a short while this New Year’s morning registering online for the Association of Northwest Weavers’ Guilds conference coming up at the end of May in Spokane, WA. Registration opened today and I plan to go with a couple of my weavers’ guild friends. Mostly for the schmoozing and shopping – not overly excited about the seminars or the fashion show and exhibits. But that’s just me and my been-there/done-that attitude. However I’ve never been to eastern Washington and by all accounts Spokane is a pleasant city. We’ll be at the Gonzaga University. Should be fun.

This here blog has been pretty empty of photos lately but what can I do? The world outside is cold, wet, white and melting-messy and my current projects are at totally boring stages. Socks are half knitted and the shawl is hardly any bigger or more interesting than the last time I photographed it. Big yawn. I’m kind of itching to start something new though I don’t know quite what as yet. You’ll be the second to know – after me.

Food for thought on my Word for this year:

“The world is not to be put in order; the world is order, incarnate. It is for us to harmonize with this order.
- Henry Miller

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