Saturday, January 03, 2009


It’s snowing again. You really needed to know that fact, right? What I want to know is will it ever end? They’re calling for a warming trend that could bring rain. But that could change. I certainly don’t trust the weatherman at all. Yesterday was quite nice though still pretty cold, just hovering around freezing except in the sunshine. We got out for a rather uncomfortable and somewhat slippery walk and got some more groceries. Now we’re ready for whatever the weather does. I’ve got my knitting. T-Man is flying his virtual airplane now that he’s shoveled off the walk for the gazillionth time. He says he’s going somewhere warm. Unfortunately it already looks like he never shoveled at all.

I finished up the socks for The Ninja:

Big Guy Socks


Begun: December 18, 2008
Completed: January 2, 2009

Yarn: DGB Confetti superwash wool/nylon sock yarn, colourway 19.05, dyelot 7102, 420m = 100g.
Needles: Addi Natura bamboo dpns, 2mm.

Pattern: Damselfly's Plain Socks on 72 sts, cuffs 30 rows, leg 8.5" before heel turn, foot 8.5" before toe dec, dec to 28 sts, dog-ear reduction.

Comments: Made the toe slightly wider than usual by reducing to 7 sts per needle instead of 6. These are nice big socks and should keep his feets nice and warm. Heaven knows, we need some heat around here about now!

I also started some gloves for Nana out of the leftover yarn from her socks. I was going to make her fingerless mitts to wear over other gloves but she says her fingertips get too cold so she would rather have full gloves. I hope there’s enough for fingers but I may be finding a few yards of something else to finish them with. There’s only about 40g of yarn left from her socks. I must like Marnie MacLean’s Hooray For Me pattern since this is the 4th pair of full-fingered gloves I’ve made using it, as well as the original pair of fingerless ones.

When we went out yesterday, I managed to find a copy of the winter issue of Interweave Crochet at the grocery store, of all places. Our usual source hadn’t gotten it in yet and the shelves are looking pretty darn bare indeed. I think the snow has been hampering deliveries. I know we haven’t seen hide nor hair of the garbage truck for weeks. I think they’re all hiding out with the snow ploughs and sanding trucks. BTW, there are no snow shovels or bags of salt to be found for sale in this city right now. If you don’t already have these newly-essential items, you are SOL.

But I digress. I was talking about the new Crochet mag, wasn’t I? It’s really spectacular! There is a gorgeous triangular shawl in there that rivals anything I’ve seen in knitting. I want one. And several sweaters I would love to have. Not the cover sweater though unless you leave off the ridiculous bow. If I want a scarf I’ll make one separately so I can remove it. And speaking of scarves, there are two or three I want to make, including a lovely one in hairpin lace. I’m seeing a lot of sport weight and finer yarns. Articles include Doris Chan on gauge and Annette Petavy’s second part on assembling sweater pieces. All good stuff! I’m going to miss Kim Werker’s editorial expertise and hope that whoever replaces her will do as good a job in choosing practical, stylish and well-fitting garments. Crocheters don’t necessarily only want to make afghans or amigurumi and there are enough patterns out there for fugly sweaters. Just check in any of the other crochet magazines besides Interweave’s.

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