Monday, January 18, 2010

Windy Has Stormy Eyes

Old ‘60’s songs by long-defunct bands aside, it’s warm and raining and super-windy here today. Our electronic clocks were out due to a power outage sometime in the middle of the night and I had to reboot my crashed computer that had been only sleeping, not shut down properly. (That’ll teach me!) The ferries that cross to Vancouver Island were cancelled for a few hours, the Lions Gate Bridge and the entry to the University of British Columbia were both closed by trees down, trolley-wires down and busses rerouted around them, and lots of folks are still without power. The wind and rain are supposed to subside later but I’m glad I’m not going anywhere today. Severe weather warning in effect.

I forgot to mention that on Friday afternoon we finally went to see “Avatar” (aka Blue Ferngully or Dances With Dragons). I have to say it was much better than I’d been led to believe. The 3D didn’t give me too much of a problem except for the fact that I had to hold my head at the correct angle so I could see through the top (distance) section of my glasses with the 3D glasses perched in front. I didn’t touch them for the rest of the movie! The filming technique was incredible and the colours gorgeous. Quite over-the-top in all respects. However the story line was just as simplistic as I suspected. If only it was that easy to tell the Good from the Bad in the real world. (Though David Suzuki gives it a thumbs-up and says he wants one of those dragon-thingies for himself!) It would be nice to live so comfortably without actually having to make anything except body ornaments – and a few weapons (for self-defence). Perfect temperature, food and water available anywhere, a sentient planet that cures most of your ills, nothing to do but run around leaping and climbing. You can’t even hurt yourself falling out of a giant tree. Just watch out for the grouchy wildlife!

Of course it definitely left itself open to a sequel. Greedy miners meekly going home and leaving all that floating whatever-it-is mineral behind? That would be equivalent to stopping the horrible devastation of the Alberta tar sands! But I digress. Mark my words – those guys will be back with more fire-power. Especially if Cameron wins more awards to go with his Golden Globe last night. Personally, I would like to see that fantastic filming technique used for a really well-written story, with real 3D characters to go with the amazing 3D world. Some natural dialog would be nice too. I’d volunteer some of my favourite sci-fi/fantasy for consideration but I’m pretty sure I’d be disappointed with the results. Go ahead. Prove me wrong.

In crafty news, I’ve resorted to drying T-Man’s slippers on the rack in the dryer. They were still very damp even after 2 days. I wanted to finish them so he could wear them when he gets home today. The felt is dry so I can cut out the innersoles. I already have T’s footprint ready to trace.

I’m also knitting on Stargazer’s socks. For kids socks, I like continuing the leg in ribbing right down to the heel flap. They have skinny ankles and the ribbing holds up the socks better. It’s also stretchy so there’s some growth room. At least that’s the theory.


Heather said...

Thanks for the visit - it prompted me to come over and see what you're up to. Lots of interesting things, I see! Great socks...

Anonymous said...

I always knit my own socks that way..... actually, I continue the ribbing all the way down the front of the sock to the toe decrease. I have skinny ankles and can't stand socks that droop! These work very well for me, but there are 2 problems: 1) the ribs take more yarn, and with handpainted pretty yarns, I often need to purchase a third skein to be safe. 2) There are lots of pretty sock patterns that I know will sag, so I miss out on some of the fun of knitting. But having pretty, warm, wool socks that fit well makes me happy.

Barbara M.

Louisa said...

Welcome, Heather! I've been reading your enjoyable blog for ages. ;)

And yes, Barbara, it's certainly better to have well-fitting comfortable socks than fancy ones. They spend most of their lives in shoes where nobody can see them anyhow! But you can feel them. I'm all about comfort over style.