Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Watching The Computer Screen

I am really grateful to the old innernets for allowing us to watch the whole of the women’s figure skating yesterday and the ice-dancing the day before. The regular TV channels we had available to us weren’t showing the events, except for tiny snippets. They missed Canada winning ice-dancing gold! And yesterday’s skate by Joannie after losing her mom suddenly only a couple of days ago was heartbreaking. And she still scored third! (One more skate to go tomorrow for medals.) Yeah, I’m paying way too much attention to sports. How uncharacteristic. What can I say? It’s catching around here. The Host City Effect.

Meanwhile I’ve spun up about 3/4 of my two little (expensive!) ounces of bison. I’ve really been enjoying the spinning but it’s tricksy stuff! Still occasionally gets away from me but now I’m wise to it and am able to get started again without too much difficulty. Just don’t let go of the end or the twist immediately escapes and it turns back into a handful loose fibres. Very resilient stuff! And only about an inch long. Otherwise it kind of reminds me of qiviut. I’d love to know how many yards I will have when I’m done. The pattern I knit will depend on that factor.

It’s raining this morning (and snowing up the mountains!) but I’m hoping it will quit before I have to go out. I will be very happy to get my busted hearing aid finally fixed. It’s been driving me nuts for about a month now. I was too busy to bother taking it in to the audiologist before. At least this walk is uphill. That means downhill on the way home for once! I have no desire to take public transit today. It’s been really busy according to the traffic report, particularly because of the rain. And the hockey, of course.

Back to spinning. Maybe I can finish up the singles before I leave.

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