Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Need To Sleep Now

It’s late (for me anyway), T-Man is away, and it’s too quiet around here. I’m collapsed after a busy day. Unfortunately I’m not knitting because I found a mistake in my Multi-Multnomah and I need to be fresh and wide-eyed to rip back and repair it. I discovered the error at the dentist’s office earlier while I was waiting for my teeth cleaning by the lovely Victoria. She was ready for me just as I started pulling out stitches so I stopped immediately. Too annoyed to go back to it today.

Since my dentist is above a shopping mall, I usually take advantage of the fact and do a little browsing either before or after my appointment. I also had to stop in upstairs and get more batteries for my hearing aids from my audiologist. I got some teas from Murchies: vanilla and ginger green. The ginger tea is not quite like the one I get at Salt Spring Coffee shop when meeting with my Ravelry knitting buds, but close.

Then I got brave and went bra-hunting. I’ve been wearing raggedy bras that don’t really fit well and decided that it might be because they all are at least 5 years old and stretched out of shape. Or more likely it’s me that’s stretched out of shape. I truly hate shopping for bras though because apparently I’m the only woman on the planet who does not wear underwires. I don’t care if they look great. They are seriously uncomfortable. And have I mentioned that I don’t much like white bras either? Black or skin or just about any other colour is what I hunt for – along with straps that will stay up on my narrow rounded shoulders. I also must have the most common size because every time I find something I like, there’s none left that will fit me. Everything else but my poor 36C. A tall order any day of the week. I finally found one from WonderBra (sensible Canadian version, not the sexy thing it’s known for in the US) that I liked and that fit me properly:


Sadly, I don’t look nearly that good in it. I didn’t get white either, just black and nude. The style is a bit more formal than my usual sports bra but I’m happy with it. Not to ignore the sporty and comfy entirely, I also got a couple of these:


Yeah, I know. I don’t look like her either. And I passed on the matching boy-shorts. This light little nothing will be perfect to wear when it gets hot this summer – if it ever does. Elita is a Canadian brand from Montreal and they make lovely light and simple styles in lycra, nylon, cotton, bamboo and soya.

I always think that I should look in to making my own bras but there’s so much specialty fabrics and notions involved that you end up paying nearly as much anyway. If you can find the “ingredients” anywhere. And if you can make it fit correctly and look good. A tall order.

BTW, after the fact I found this extensive website with loads of info on fitting. Gee, the dentist and bra fitting all on the same day! Seems I like to torture myself. Tomorrow I plan to torture my pal Debbie Double some more instead of me.

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Heather said...

I totally sympathize with the bra thing. Once I was so demoralized by bra shopping I ended up going across the street and buying fireworks instead. I have found the Olga brand fits me well and the straps stay up. And Elita panties are the best (at least the regular cut ones).

Thanks for your sweet comment on my (ex) blog. I realize now that things have calmed down a bit a I was totally overwhelmed trying to keep up with my workaholic brother. Now I have to find a new home but for the moment can stay with my other brother on Bowen.