Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I’m tentatively going with “Yes”. My tummy is feeling more settled plus my throat is a little less sore today. I don’t think I have strep or anything. (Whew!) My energy is still lower than I’d wish but hopefully it will pick up again. The Itchies aren’t too bad and the Peelies are tapering off, except between my fingers and toes. (Gross, I know.) I can function ok as long as I keep everything well moisturized. I slept pretty good last night without having to take an antihistamine to keep the Itchies at bay. One can only hope that things are looking up. I still have to get out there and water the garden but at least it’s cloudy this morning which makes it not quite so imperative to do it Right Now. Soon though.

I managed to finish knitting Stargazer’s new Johnny Boy Sweater and now I just have to sew up the side and sleeve seams and find some buttons. I also started a pair of socks for my new grand-nephew, who is having a party on Saturday to welcome him into the family. I already knitted a sweater for him before he was born but now need another quickie gift. I found some leftover Confetti sock yarn that I had overdyed in fall reds, golds and greens which should be enough to knit some teensy socks. Not too teensy though – he’s a big boy! I only have 4 days to finish them in but they should be quick to do, yes? Man, our family is popping out all over, I tell you! Two more babies to come before the end of this year. I’m knitting as fast as I can. Which isn’t terribly fast unfortunately.

I got an unsolicited package in the post yesterday from my buddy Andrea of Aurelia Wool & Weaving. In it was this:


A sample of her new superwash Corriedale in the colourway ‘Navy All Sorts’. It’s so new it’s not even on her website yet. She wanted an evaluation from me so I’ve been spinning it up to see how it behaves. So far it feels pretty much like her other regular Corriedale slivers. Not too slippery or anything. I’ll wait until I’ve plied it and knit a sample to comment fully. But I’m thinking this would be fabu for socks, gloves, mitts, or indeed anything that needs a lot of laundering. Aurelia’s colours are so enticing!

Meanwhile of course, no sewing has been accomplished while I was unwell. I’ve been reading and learning though - does that count? Nevermind. One can only do what one can only do. It’s not a race to the finish. Right?

Question of the day:

Can a microwave get Alzheimer’s? Mine seems to be losing it’s tiny little electronic mind.


Trapunto said...

Your good humor here is amazing. I have had a much smaller sampling of skin conditions, enough to know that they Do Not Make You Want to Laugh. I send good thoughts whenever I read one of your posts.

Yes, I believe a microwave can get alzheimers! I had a pocket calculator that did. Talk about messing with your head!

Louisa said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, sweetie! I need all of them that I can get. I'm sure they help.