Sunday, July 25, 2010

Philosophy of Dory

My pal Beentsy’s recent post reminded me about Dory’s mantra: “Keep on swimming. Keep on swimming.” I think I need to take that one to heart. I’m sick with this stupid bronchitis, my diaphragm muscles are sore from coughing, I’m leaving peeling flakes of myself everywhere and, worst of all, my hands are such a mess that I need my Minnie Mouse gloves on permanently to protect them. That means that knitting, spinning or sewing is pretty much off the menu right now. I’m swimming with what feels like gallons of moisturiser to keep my feet and hands from splitting further than they have already. And the tide just keeps coming in. I’m so miserable that I’ll I can do is keep on swimming and believe that there’s an island of comfort and hope out here somewhere.

With all the crap I’ve been going through, I missed the party for my new baby great-nephew last evening. Just as well since I never quite finished the little sockies for him. They just need the toes grafted, the ends sewn in and blocking and they’re done. Guess I’ll have to send them by post. Sigh.

And Stargazer’s sweater is still without the seams sewn, buttons found and applied and a final blocking. Not happening. I have one month to do all that and also make something for Princess Pink, who’s 6th birthday is in 2 weeks. Maybe. I’m not giving up the notion that I can accomplish these magical feats. Yet.

Meanwhile there’s gardening and harvesting that isn’t getting done. T-Man is doing what he can but I’m not much help really. Watering he can just about keep up with but transplanting teensy seedlings is not in his skill set unfortunately. However he has been doing a yeoman job of keeping us fed when I’m not up to it. And he insists it was the old kitchen fairy who did the dishes yesterday.

I feel somewhat sorry in advance for my poor darling GP who is going to get an earful when I go for my physical on Friday. I have a list. I’m betting he’ll try to distract me by discussing my darling daughter’s pregnancy since he’ll be seeing her the day before me. Speaking of whom, she can now feel Alien Baby Girl kicking her mommy’s insides and doing acrobatics. So exciting!

Have I shared the last ultrasound pic with you?


Look, ma, no tentacles, horns, fins or antennae! At least that she’s allowing us to see. Mwaahh-ha-haaa! I do know she’s a lot bigger than this now. It was taken a couple of weeks ago. It’ll be late November before we get to see her for real.


Susan said...

Ah, my friend, I can feel your sadness and frustration about the 'creeping tide' from here.
A general feeling of helplessness?

I too have a rash (though nothing like yours) and can't seem to get it through my GP's head I want to find out what it is or better still get a referral to a dermatologist. I always leave his office feeling like a 'fussy old lady' and no resolution.
My Dr's comments? Well don't you want to see if I can solve it first? I have one more visit to go tackle him on it and it won't be nice!

New babies are a pleasant diversion... perhaps focus on the coming birth?

Big hugs from across the little pond...

Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

I too feel that frustration. I know you have (because you said so in that previous post) been given Lots of advice and I have been biting my tongue - But - have you seen a naturopathic doctor? There is a more than excellent person in your area -
Jonn Matsen's book changed my life.

Louisa said...

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, you guys! Hope you get a more empathetic dermatologist than I did, Susan.

Evelyn, I already eat a fairly good and varied diet and it seems that the docs, naturopaths et al all have their pet theories. A lot of the suggestions (vitamins, fish oils etc.) clash with the meds I'm on at the moment so they are out until things stabilise. And unless someone can make a much better case than I've heard so far, I don't plan to go vegan anytime soon! I know you're trying to help and I'm glad what you are doing is working well for you though.

Anonymous said...

You are so patient with all us "helpers"! ;) This guy isn't stuck on any fad and why I like his book - he just explains stuff well and with humour. He begins with a simple formula for helping the system - no fasts, no diets etc.

Louisa said...

Evelyn hon', I don't mean to sound rude or skeptical, but if it's so simple can you explain further? Or do I have to buy the book first?

Evelyn said...

Try the library or used book store - if you like it or if you don't like it - well nothing lost ;) If works for you, all you lose is the flakey skin. ;)