Thursday, November 18, 2010


I’ve already chosen that as my focus word for 2011. Actually I need to use it right now. It’s less inspiring than the usual words I choose (not that I can even remember now what this year’s word was!) but more something that I need to work on. Oh, I don’t mean to accept anything and everything that comes into my life willy-nilly. No, more like accepting that although I have power over some things, others I cannot influence in any way. I can only accept that they are the way they are and let them go. Sounds like one of those classic self-help-y mantras doesn’t it?

It doesn’t help that I’ve been increasingly frustrated with wanting to do more and more interesting things while my time is not only getting shorter, it also rather annoyingly keeps going faster. One doesn’t know exactly where the end is but instinctively knows it’s getting closer and closer. That finality doesn’t scare me really but like most small children in a particularly exciting playground, I don’t ever really want to leave. I’m just learning how to use the equipment.

Life isn’t what we are, it’s what we think.

I’ve been reading a lot about successful, happy older people and how they embrace life. It’s interesting to me at what age is considered “older” though. For some it’s 45 and others 65 or even 74 (apparently at 75 you go directly into “old”). There’s a big gap there! I remember being 45 which now feels quite young to me – not even middle-aged really. Passing 50 was a breeze too. However 60 has been a little bumpier. I’m starting to feel a slight disconnect between the person I feel I am inside and the one I see in the mirror:


I guess I’m still getting familiar with the More Mature Me. Grey hair, wrinkles, double chins, potato body, aches, pains, mysterious rashes and all. Somebody’s Granny. Several sweet little somebodies actually. (Time to come out now, Alien!)

Yep, I need to work on this acceptance thing. There’s several other areas I can apply it to also. Like for instance the upcoming Holiday Season. It is what it is. (Right, Susan?) Embrace it, Damselfly! At least my version (yummy baking, a little tasteful decorating, giant turkey dinner for the extended fambly, inexpensive presents for the little ones, lots of laughing/hugs/kisses). You don’t really expect me to accept the whole barrel of total insanity that takes over the months between Halloween and New Year, do ya? No way.

Deep breath and moving right along. I’m off to my weavers’ guild meeting tonight. I slept in this morning on purpose so I can hopefully keep my eyeballs propped open this evening. They will just have to lump that I’m bring chocolate wafers instead of cookies. I don’t feel like baking today. Besides I have to make a big pot of chicken soup. Right now.

At least I’m never bored.

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Heather said...

For at long time "At least it's not boring" was my mantra. Now it varies between, "Well, it's better than it was" and "The universe is unfolding as it should".

My sister-in-law just said to me "60 is the new 40", but I totally hear you about time getting shorter AND passing faster.