Friday, November 19, 2010

Not Today

We were all kind of hoping that today would be the day of our new granddaughter’s birth. T-Man even took the day off (not really expecting the blessed event but because he wanted the holiday). However, the little one missed the memo. Tomorrow is her due date but the doc says that apparently she’s not quite in The Zone yet. Instead we enjoyed a lovely lunch here post-appointment: Milady Daughter, her Milord, T and me. We had the chicken, red rice and veggie soup that I made yesterday and some really good bagels and cream cheese to go with. Lots of chatting and they headed home before the afternoon traffic got too busy and more importantly before it’s supposed to start snowing. Next appointment is Wednesday if Her Highness doesn’t make an appearance before then. Let’s hope she’s not trying for her mother’s record time of 10 days late. Stubborn little beastie! But she can wait until the expected snow is melted.

Further to yesterday’s post on aging, I found an inspirational blog and this article. Interesting reading and some good advice. Unfortunately we don’t all look like Angela Paul. But come to think of it, maybe being gorgeous (in the commonly accepted sense) makes getting older harder instead of easier. I wouldn’t know from personal experience. Heh.

In crafty news I’m cruising up to the waist on the Happy Legs nether-stockings. Nearly done. Mindless round-and-round so I can read at the same time. It’s going quicker than I thought it might. Pretty soon I’ll have to transfer stitches to a holding thread so I can try the things on to see if I’ve got the waist at the right point for comfort. It needs to fold over for the elastic casing and I would prefer to put a purl row to facilitate the turn. The yarn is holding out so far!

It’s cold outside and finally feels much more like winter is setting in. We still haven’t finished up raking the leaves but have been neatly avoiding the issue. If it snows like the weatherman is expecting, we won’t have to do it tomorrow either.


Sharon in Surrey said...

Getting older doesn't bother me as much as the undeserved aches, pains, stiffness & things that don't want to work as they should even though you haven't done anything that you weren't doing last year!!! That's what really pisses me off about aging.

Louisa said...

I know what you mean! And how about the way you have to watch what you eat much more carefully and exercise more just to stay the same weight? Even if you can maintain, your shape changes anyway (and not for the better). Oh well.