Friday, December 03, 2010

Quick Update

We have a new granddaughter! Finally. An even 9 lbs. by C-section near midnight last night. Everyone is doing fine though Milady Daughter is going to need some recuperation from the very-long-haul labour, the meds and the serious abdominal surgery. (Gee, too bad they couldn’t have done that before she spent 3 days working so hard to no avail.) Whew! What a trouper. I’m so proud of her. And Milord Son-in-Law for his dedication and grace under extreme pressure. Apparently he’s already been changing diapers. Gotta get a photo of that unprecedented new skill!

More anon. We’re off to see them soon.


Anonymous said...


Susan said...

Our hearty congratulations to the Family for the new addition!

I'm sure that everyone, baby included are glad that the intro part is over (sounds like a tough haul for a time here!)

Nana better get knitting!

Hugs, Susan and Bruce

Suzanne said...

congratulations Louisa!
isn't it fun to knit REALLY small things? just sent a package with three tiny cardis for my daughter in France who is due Dec 24th.

Ev said...

Congratulations!! How wonderfully special babies are... I know you'll have a blast spoiling her.