Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Reluctant Baby

Nope, she’s still not here yet! I know – unbelievable, huh? This grandbaby will be born sometime tonight though. Come hell or a C-section! My Favourite Doc has called in the reinforcements (actual obstetricians – he’s only a GP, but the best GP ever), Milady Daughter is finally on pain meds and it now depends on how well things progress. It’s been a long haul (luckily not quite as intense as it sounds) since Tuesday morning. Nobody has gotten much sleep. We left them at the hospital early this evening with Milady hooked up to monitors and IV, Milord snoring on his pallet on the floor and their doula doing crosswords. Pretty low stress really, all things considered. I’m exhausted just with the concern for them all anyhow.

Backing up a little, while they were sent home yesterday (not enough contraction action), we grandparents went for a walk. A pair of the newly-available muted red Blundstone boots was calling to me and I decided I needed a little Retail Therapy, don’t you agree? Just to lower the stress level. With the money I earned cat-sitting last summer burning a little hole in my wallet, we walked to the Australian Boot Store. It’s quite a hoof but it was so nice to get some air and exercise and maybe quit worrying for a short while. (Yeah, right.) Anyway, I came home with these little darlings:


(Un-retouched photo taken with Ruby, the new iPhone touch. Not bad!) I walked all the way home in them too - 4.6 kilometres mostly uphill with an added detour to Granville Island for lunch – proving that they are instantly comfy and do not need breaking in. Yes, that now equals two new pairs of boots in a very short time. New personal record! Note that besides the cat-sitting pay, I also got a bonus that equalled nearly the total of the taxes off the bill just because I wore my old Blunnies into the store. So they really only cost me about $60 which is quite a bargain. Now I have 3 pairs again: black Wedges (no longer made and wearing out), dark brown Chunks and red 556’s. Since I threw out my original pair that completely disintegrated this summer, I missed the 500’s series which are the most comfortable, if not the most stylish ones. At least on my feet. OK, so I wouldn’t know ‘stylish’ if it bit me. I’m really all about comfort with perhaps a little kick of fun. Mostly comfort. But red!

So needless to say with all that’s been going on the last couple of days, I was mostly a zombie at our Spectrum Study Group meeting today. I was waiting all day on news that didn’t come until I got home. Now I’m more than ready to welcome our new granddaughter to the world. Whenever she deigns to join us. We’re just waiting for the phone call. Meanwhile I’m going to sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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