Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did It Again

Skipped nearly a whole week again, didn’t I? Not to worry – I’m not feeling a rant coming on or anything. I’m just kind of full up with family things and not much to blog about really. I’m nearly finished The Ninja’s birthday socks. Just have the toes to graft and a celebratory bath and blocking. Not bad for just over a week since I cast on for them. These are the largest socks on my Sock List so I think that might be some kind of record. They are just plain socks though so that might also explain the speed with which they were executed. As long as I can read at the same time, knitting gets done pretty quickly. Picture and more info to come. Sorry about the lack of things to look at today.

Of course the recipient of the Green Ninja Socks didn’t get them on his birthday or at his party at his MIL’s on Sunday because they weren’t done yet. However he did get to start his first batch of red wine with his dad. T-Man learned how to make wine from his dad and now he’s passing it on. One kit makes 20+ bottles (though in our house they seldom make it into any bottles). It is soooo much cheaper and the results are very good – definitely not “plonk”. Later they will start some white wine as well. One large cupboard in our basement is dedicated to wine-making and gets constant use.

Then Milady Daughter and I had a lovely morning of knitting yesterday before we took baby Rosebud for her weekly cast replacement again. She is growing fast and we managed to get them to weigh her when she was starkers so we could get a real idea without the added weight of the cast. She’s officially 11lbs 14oz which is pretty great for not quite 8 weeks old. She can smile now and nearly holds her head up by herself, just occasionally has a “stabilizer malfunction” as her daddy calls it. She is eating and sleeping a lot so we know she’s going through a real growth spurt. So fun to watch my grandbaby grow! So cute to get her smiles when talking to her! Adorable.

OK – a small rant. I can’t help myself. Why is it that just when I’m feeling tip-top after the last health issue that something new comes up? Yeah, I know I’m no spring chicken but this has been going on for decades! One thing after another. Nothing really earth-shattering. Just annoying and uncomfortable. And yeah, I know it could be worse. Much worse. So I guess I should quite my complaining and move on, right? Oh, this time? Possible ovarian cyst. At least it’s not too uncomfortable and it’s improving. I have a tender spot and an occasional crampy feeling on the right side. So I have to go get an ultrasound today, my first ever. I’m just a wee bit nervous – if only because it’s somewhere I’ve never been and I have no idea of the exact procedure. T-Man very kindly offered to come home from work early to drive me. Yes, I’ve done my research on this condition and it’s likely not serious and will go away by itself soon. Google is my friend.

Meanwhile I’m back to knitting on my Zip-Front Vest just because it was lonely and neglected for the last week while I worked on the socks. It’s coming along – past the waist and nearly up to the underarms. I’ve cast on for my niece’s socks also and plan to take one with me to work on at my appointment this afternoon. At least if there’s any wait time and I get a chance to knit. Who knows?

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