Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Haz a Code

But I’m not going to bore you with whinging about it. Instead I’m going to whinge about my current project, the Holden Shawlette for T-Man’s Auntie M. (No worries. She doesn’t have a computer and so can’t read my blog.) I’m using some of my stash of Newton’s Yarn Country Happy Feet sock yarn in turquoise, purples and a few in-between colours. So there I was knitting away on it and it was coming out very lovely when…I noticed an error. Whaaaa….An error that was waaaaayyyyyy back near the beginning. Doh. I am famous for never making those kind of mistakes in complex lace patterns but too damn often in the plain areas. I guess I just don’t pay as much attention to the simple stuff. In this case, the shawl is knit from the centre of the long side down (as in Evelyn Clark’s patterns) and has a large central plain stockinette area before getting to the feather-and-fan-ish edging. Now I’m back almost at the beginning again because I. Could. Not. Leave. It. WRONG. I’d much rather knit it all over again than know there was a fudge in it. Besides, what else do I have to do? Oh yeah. Lazing around in bed snivelling.

I did manage to suck it up yesterday though. I felt not too bad in the morning and even got the bed sheets changed and the laundry started before Milady Daughter showed up with Rosebud. I’ve so enjoyed our little pre-hospital appointment visits! Rosebud’s cast has to be removed shortly before the next one goes on and my house is only a few minutes away whereas hers is at least 45 minutes (on a good day). So we chat and unwind the cast material and give Rosebud a much-needed bath. She is very content in the water and doesn’t even mind getting her hair washed.

This time the adventures at the hospital were very short. All that was necessary was that Rosebud get her progress checked out and her leg re-casted. She only squawked when her foot was flexed while being tested and then settled nearly to sleep with a bottle while the cast was put on. Such a good baby. But not too good! She does let you know if she’s really unhappy about something. She just doesn’t make a fuss for no reason.

Doting Granny, aren’t I?

Unfortunately today I’m not feeling quite so energetic. Just hanging out under the covers and trying to knit back to where I was before I frogged the shawlette. Nothing to see yet. Move along. Come back when I have something more interesting to talk about.

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Silk said...

checked out that 'Holden' shawl... and fell in love with it..there is a thingy going around 'facebook'.. you can sign up to make a handmade gift for a friend...this would make a great gift i have two to make.... that 'grandbaby' sounds like a sweet heart.. I am afraid i will grandchildless.. but i can enjoy others grandbabies...