Sunday, January 09, 2011


And not the birdie kind of grouse either. I caught Milady Daughter’s cold when I spent the day with her last Wednesday. Last night’s sore throat made it hard to sleep. Do you think this is the ’Verse’s way of laughing at me for choosing “Acceptance” as my word for 2011? Now I must accept being sick for the first time since the middle of last summer. Drats. Typhoid Mary Milady Daughter also managed to share her bug with her baby and her husband. Hope I don’t continue to pass it on. Nasty one, this! I’ll have to suck it up tomorrow though because I get to help with Rosebud’s cast removal and bathing before they head off to get another cast on her not-so-curly-anymore foot.

On a more cheerful note, I finished several projects recently about which I haven’t blogged yet:

Rosebud’s First & Second Socks

SweetBabySocks  BabySocks2

For: Granddaughter Rosebud

Begun: January 2, 2011 & January 5, 2011
Completed: January 4, 2011 & January 8, 2011

Yarn: First pair - leftover scraps of DGB Confetti Stretch, 70% superwash wool/23% nylon/7% polyester, colourway 25.02, dyelot 8123. Second pair – leftover scraps of Opal Mexiko (discontinued), 75% superwash wool/25% nylon, colourway Veracruz. Approx 25 g each.

Needles: Clover Takumi bamboo 5” dpns, 2mm.

Pattern: On 44sts, leg 2/2 rib for 3.25”, foot 3.5” before toe secs, dec to 5sts each needle, dog ear reduction. Finished sock measures 4.75” circumference and 4.5” long.

Comments: First pair’s yarn is a small amount of leftovers from her cousin the Princess’s sadly unworn legwarmers. I thought I had run out of yarn before I finished but I managed to find another little ball in the sock yarn scraps box. These have to be a little large to fit over her cast but she’s still going to have to grow into them.

Second pair is knit with well-aged stash leftovers and slightly shorter, only 3.25” foot before toe decs. They’re 4.25” long and might fit a little better. Still too big of course! Rosebud has teensy feet. Must take after her daddy there, not her mommy.

I also have this project that’s been done for awhile:

Dark o’the Moon Knee Socks

Dark oKneeSocks

For: me

Begun: December 6, 2010
Completed: January 2, 2011

Yarn: Zitron Trekking XXL, 75% superwash wool/25% nylon, colour 325, dyelot 19214 (very dark navy with dashes of purple and black). 100g = 420m. 1.5 balls (50g left).

Needles: Clover Takumi bamboo 5” dpns, 2mm.

Pattern: Used to be Ann’s Knee High Socks by Ann Ackerman but I’ve changed them quite significantly.

Dark oKneeSocks2 Modifications: Pattern is adjusted for regular sock yarn. CO 88, cuff 5”, 3” straight before calf shaping, place markers: 12 st on either side of centre back st, dec every 4 rounds just inside markers creating a v-shaped gusset, last dec is a centred double-dec. 64 sts rem after dec, 6” straight after calf shaping & before beg of heel flap. Complete rest of sock as usual to fit foot.

Comments: I changed the name of these socks a couple of times but am happy with what I ended up with! Next time I would go 4” straight after the cuff and before the calf shaping and then 5” after the shaping is completed. I meant to do that this time but forgot so added an extra inch to the bottom straight section instead. Otherwise I think I’m edging ever closer to the perfect-fitting knee sock for my leg. The deeper cuff definitely helps keep the socks up without garters.

I’ve started a new project with the leftover Berroco Remix, plus additional balls. I liked the idea of Quincy’s Vest by Leigh Radford from Interweave Knits, Summer 2002. But I didn’t like several things about the fit and my yarn is more worsted or aran instead of the called-for bulky. So I used the main style points (sleeveless, zip-front, twisted rib side gussets etc.) and re-plotted a pattern with my own measurements and gauge using my Knitware software. I made it a bit longer and fairly closely fitting and adjusted the number of ribs upward to fit the finer gauge. I debated putting pockets in this vest but talked myself out of it. Pockets are very useful but also add a lot of bulk right where I don’t need it. I also planned it to be knit in one piece from the hem up rather than seaming the sides. I’ve only knit a few inches and am just about to start the waist shaping but it’s looking very nice so far. I hope to get a lot of wear out of this garment when it’s done.

However, I’m going to have to put it on hold for awhile because I have a 90th birthday shawl to knit for Nana’s sister, Auntie M. We’ve been invited to the party on the Sunshine Coast (pretty scenery, a ferry ride and all) and I have less than a month to finish. Already located the pattern and yarn. More on this later. Meanwhile, I think I’ll carry on with the vest today. And read in front of the nice fire in the woodstove. Be Gone, Cold Germs!

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