Saturday, May 07, 2011

All Hail Spring

T-Man and I weren’t able to go for our usual long walk yesterday afternoon because it was pouring rain. It was still pouring this morning but near noon it nearly stopped so we grabbed our umbrellas (just in case) and finally headed out. As we walked along the sun even came out a few times and we warmed up enough to take off an outer layer of clothing. However by the time we got to our destination, Mayfair magazine shop, it was sprinkling rain again. As we headed back toward home it drizzled a little on and off but nothing serious. We stopped at Kin’s Market for fruit and veggies and by then it was starting to rain a little more in earnest. So of course a few blocks later we dove into our favourite sushi place for a late lunch (or perhaps early dinner) to see if we could wait it out. Unfortunately while we were eating the big black cloud overhead started dumping rain and hail like crazy. After we had finished our sushi we got out our umbrellas and dashed one more block to Black Dog Video where we picked a movie to watch tonight. Of course the deluge still didn’t stop so we were forced to head back into the by now pea-sized hailstones.

I think that was the most I’ve ever been hailed on! My goodness. It was wild! We were both soaked to the skin, umbrellas notwithstanding, in the 4 blocks home from Black Dog. Good thing we didn’t try to wait it out any longer because it only got worse still after we got home. Here’s my back porch and deck:


That big puddle just outside the back door is where the eves trough is plugged with ice and is dumping water all over. And here’s my poor veggie garden under an inch of hailstones:


You can hear the pounding on the greenhouse roof from inside the house! Good thing the most delicate stuff is still not planted yet. The cucumbers and squashes are just coming up inside under the lights and the beans aren’t going in until at least next week. I’m not taking any more chances. Global Weirding indeed. Now the sun is coming out! I’m sure it’s only temporary though.

At least now I hope I have enough food to feed the kids tomorrow when they come for dinner. I missed Easter by being too sick to do anything exciting so now that I’m somewhat better I decided to have it tomorrow instead. Along with Nana (T’s mom), our kids and grandkids, that makes 4 generations all together for Mother’s Day. No gifts or cards – just a pleasant afternoon of visiting and sharing a meal together. I’m so looking forward to it.

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Evelyn said...

That was an amazing amount of hail for Vancouver! Big deluges of rain here and of course right before walk time here too. I did manage one short one for the grandpuppy's sake. Maybe the weather will make up for it at the other end.