Monday, July 04, 2011


Here I thought I had the edging of my Black Rock Shawl finally done. But before picking up the edge stitches for the main part of the shawl, I carefully looked over every repeat and found a mistake:


Can you see it in the middle of the photo there? A slight W instead of a V where I accidentally repeated 2 rows of the pattern. Luckily it’s only a mere 14 repeats back from the end! Could have been worse. It only negated the last couple of intense knitting sessions. Pooh. And here I thought I was checking carefully as I went along, though this error is pretty subtle to spot. Nevermind. I’ve already frogged and tinked back and am now carrying on. Again. It’s all about the process, right? Besides, it’s going to be spectacular when it’s done.

I do have one FO today. I finished these on the camping trip but didn’t get a chance to wash and block them until a few days ago.

Clown Urp Too Socks


For:  Rosebud

Begun:  June 17, 2011
Completed:  July 2, 2011

Yarn:  Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Stretch Color, 70% superwash wool/23% nylon/7% Elité (stretch polyester), colour 81 (multi), dyelot 51724, 199m = 50g. Used just under half a ball. Finished the toes with yellow superwash fingering yarn from the leftover bin.

Needles:  Blackthorn carbon fibre dpns, US0/2mm.

Pattern:  Damselfly’s basic baby socks on 44 sts, 3.5” before heel flap, 3.75” before toe decreases, dec to 20 sts (5 per needle), dog ear reduction to 16sts.

Comments:  This pair uses up the leftovers from the first pair. I managed to neatly run out of yarn right at the toe decreases so I dug in the leftover bin and found some bright yellow to finish up the toes. They’ll show nicely in her special boots!

I also finally have a progress photo of the Amiga sweater that I’ve started using some well-aged rayon slub yarn from the weaving stash.


I’m using the yarn doubled and it has become my relaxation knitting because it doesn’t take much attention. No, it won’t stay white! As soon as it’s done I’ll dye it with either woad or Japanese indigo, whichever is ready in the garden for use at the time. This is a great pattern by Mags Kandis from the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Knitty and there are so many attractive finished sweaters on its Ravelry page. I think this will be a handy lightweight cardi for me.

In other news, our anniversary dinner was wonderful last evening! After munching on bread dipped in lobster oil, I had the ahi tuna and T-Man had the halibut chef’s special. We shared a bottle of white wine and a crème brûlée for dessert. Total Heavenly Yum! Now I had best get out into the garden to water it before it gets too warm out there. It’s finally feeling a little more like summer but it’s still chilly at night. T even threw my little woven wool afghan over the still-sleeping me when he left for work this morning. So sweet.

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