Friday, December 02, 2011

Same But Different

I liked my thread catcher so much that I made another slightly smaller one:

Thread Catcher Too

ThreadCatcherToo1 For:  my studio

Date:  December 1, 2011

Materials, Notions and Pattern:  Same as Thread Catcher

Mods:  The bag and lining pieces were cut 11” x 8”. The fabric for the flat piece was slightly smaller than the original because I used a bit of black muslin that I had sampled on with Shiva Paintsticks.

Comments:  This one sits right at my sewing machine.


It already has threads in it!

It’s the littlest grandbeastie’s First Birthday today! Yay! Unfortunately today includes getting some immunization shots at the doctor’s. Poor baby. However we get to babysit while her parents go out to a party this evening. Her own party is tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Rosebud!

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