Sunday, July 22, 2012


Just a quickie today. I’ve finished sewing a tunic and love it! I’ve even worn it enough to need laundering already but haven’t written it up yet. Bad damselfly. Instead I’ve been reading a lot and thought you might like to peruse some that I found interesting.

Colours From the High Country. This one is from Maiwa’s blog and is a fascinating master’s thesis by Kristy Johnston in New Zealand on the idea of “terroir” as it relates to colours from plants. Her full thesis is here (PDF, rather large file) and is a beautifully set out document.

Age and Happiness U-Bend, an article linked from Cally Booker’s blog. The theory that after 47, happiness increases with age. Gotta agree that it does! Who says it’s all downhill?

And continuing on the happiness theme, this one from Sarai at the Colleterie. You can always substitute your craft of choice if you don’t sew.

It’s raining slightly again, happily relieving me of watering duties and making my studio cooler than it has been for the last while. I need to hunt up something to dye in my Japanese indigo and weld which are both getting perilously close to harvesting. With the weld I also need to mordant too. My dyeing of stuff is tending to outstrip my using of said stuff though which is starting to become a bit of a problem. I’m running out of dye-fodder and I really don’t want to buy anything new. Consequently I’m freezing and drying plant material for later use. However, I haven’t had any luck saving indigo (either woad or Japanese indigo) so need to use it fresh. Any helpful tips welcome.


Aleira said...

I have some stuff I'd like to bring over to dye if you don't have anything! =)

Louisa said...

Sure but it'll have to wait until after the camping trip!

Aleira said...

Of course! No time before then! Wednesday is Milord Husband's birthday so we're going out to a movie and Rosebud's hanging with her "Auntie" Sharon. Thursday is packing, and Friday is camping! So we'll have to do it sometime after. But I really wanna! =)

Louisa said...

Okey dokey. We'll talk.