Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Bunny & Egg Day!

We’re having a quiet one today here in Damselfly’s Pond. We had some grandbeastie time last weekend and 2 whole days and a night with the big ones coming up next weekend (yikes!) so the peace of today is to be savoured. No rampant monsters, dinosaurs or Barbie-mermaids. Just lots of warm sunshine and spring flowers. Awwww…

Not to worry. That bunny has been here. So what if they get their chocolates a week late? They’ll have had time to digest the first lot.

So meanwhile, what have I been up to? I spent Friday at our guild president’s house helping to create The World:


Needle felting on a wet-felted base. It’s not quite done yet here. It will be an important part of our guild booth at the upcoming ANWG conference in Bellingham. Hope I’m not giving too much away here so I’ll keep the concept quiet for now. Apparently the prez’s cat got up to mischief that night and tried to redesign some of our hard work with her claws! Naughty kitty. Luckily it was easily fixable.

What else? Not a lot really. I’ve been slowly sewing my Bravo Bella bra kit using my own pattern:


I thought it was interesting how the cup pieces reflect the light differently due to the direction in which they were cut. Like jewel facets, no? The effect is much less obvious after they’re sewn together. I modified the pattern slightly yet again so we’ll see how this one comes out. The fabric was much too stretchy for me so I fused the lining to it with WonderUnder and that stabilised it very nicely. The back band pieces are not fused but have a layer of power net underneath. They are much more stretchy which you actually want in that part anyhow. The hooks are 3 x 3 instead of my usual 2 x 3 so I widened the band ends to accommodate this change. I know it seems like a lot of pieces for the cups but it really does make a difference in how well it supports. So far I’ve sewn the band and the cups and now need to attach them together. Plus I still have enough fabric left for another bra but not a matching one. The lining piece wasn’t as large as the fashion fabric so I’ll have to use something else. And of course get more elastics. I’m always buying more elastic! I never seem to have enough of the right ones.

I’m so looking forward to finishing the bra so I can get some new things cut out. I’m hoping for another session like I had last August when I just whipped out 5 things in a short time! Or not. I have no shortage of items to work on anyway. Whichever ones float to the top first? It’s a new season.

Definitely. The weather has been fabulous and sunny. You can practically watch things grow! The plum blossoms are out and the cherries aren’t far behind. You can smell them in the air. Yum. My rhubarb is growing and you can see the tips of the asparagus. I’ve been harvesting the walking onions, overwintering mizuna, kale buds, chives, parsley and corn salad. My little seedlings under the grow lights are starting to get their first set of true leaves. They’ll be needing transplanting to bigger flats soon and then we begin the yearly schlep in and out of the greenhouse until it’s warm enough for them to stay out overnight. I scaled back somewhat this year but I have to plant some things! Did I mention I got the peas in finally? Before April 1st. Yay.

If things are a bit quiet around here, I’ve had more sad news about friends and loved ones from several different directions recently. There’s nothing to be done really but it weighs on my usually disgustingly cheerful mind. When I’m unhappy I tend to want to clean something. I know! But it saves me from whining so much about how unfair life can be sometimes. When the going gets tough, the tough gets out the dust mop?

Off to sort laundry. Later, gators.

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