Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sewing Lessons

The biggest grandbeastie, The Art Princess, had a fun overnighter with us while her brother stayed with their other grandmother and the parents had a dinner date. Of course she wanted to sew with Granny! This time I managed to convince her to try making real clothes so we made a skirt.


Everybody sews in their nightgown, don’t they? We used some more of that bright magenta pink cotton/lycra interlock, the same freebee fabric that I dyed for my recent dress. Of course she liked the colour best in its unadulterated state! Though she did mention that it might be fun to have a dye day sometime. Anyway, it turned out a little long and a smidgen loose but since she’s growing like a weed it won’t be long before it fits just right. Here she’s showing off the designer label she made with a piece of grosgrain ribbon and a Pigma pen. This was totally her idea too. Other new experiences were using the rotary cutter and the serger (both with me hovering over biting my nails). She did pretty well and was proudly modelling her first Garment Make for her grandpa’s approval:


As you can see the colour works perfectly with nearly everything in her wardrobe! The skirt is not quite this long when standing but it’s actually my fault because when measuring I forgot that girls these days wear their bottom layers at the hip instead of the waist. I’m so old-fashioned, aren’t I? Get with the Twenty-First Century, Granny!

So what else? I finally got seeds planted under the grow lights. Lots are coming up after just a few days so I’m not quite as concerned about starting things too late. The weather has been delightfully sunny and relatively warm so spring is busting out all over around here! I would have my peas planted by now but I found out I don’t have any seeds left. We’re taking Nana to the garden shop on Thursday so it will have to wait until after that. I promise to get them in before April 1st.

Things have been kind of busy in the last while so not much else has happened in Damselfy’s Pond. It promises to continue busy too – at least into next week – which means it might be a bit quiet on the blog. More whenever!


pao said...

Ahhh, how sweet. How about matching photos of you two in pink tie dye?

Anonymous said...

--not just making a skirt but making memories. I haven't graduated to real people clothes yet, but maybe this summer? lucky girl to have such a clever granny.

Dixie said...

How great, that your granddaughter is interested in sewing, and that she has you to teach her. My grandmother taught me to sew and purchased my first machine. She blessed me with opportunity!

Louisa said...

Thanks for the kind comments, my dears! I always like to indulge the grandbeasties especially in crafty things because I figure that's my job as a granny. I never had one of those myself - not until I was 40 and by then she had Alzheimer's. (I was adopted and it's a long story.) Anyway, I want to be the granny I never had. Hope I'm succeeding...

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