Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Eyes Are Dim. I Cannot See.

I seem to be getting behind again because I have Finished Objects that haven’t been blogged. Of course it doesn’t help that I spent 24 hours without my glasses leaving me much more blind than any bat. One of the earpieces fell off and needed to be soldered. That only left me with my sunglasses with just my distance prescription so although I could walk outdoors, I had trouble with everything else. Although I wasn’t able to watch TV at all, I did manage to knit and sew while squinting badly and holding things up to my nose. Just proves how much I need those little plastic windows on the world to function! I’ve long since gotten over any feelings of embarrassment about them and even when I was a teenager used to ignore any taunts of the “four eyes” variety. Hey, I’d rather see than trip over the curb! I’m forever grateful for the invention of lenses. Especially progressives!

Anyway, on Thursday I blindly finished sewing 2 garments: a denim skirt and a balloon tunic. More on these in another post because I haven’t photographed them yet. I also knitted on the Orange Aeolian Shawl and am only 2 rows and the bind-off away from finishing it. Yay me!

I do have one FO for you today:

Not-Ruby Not-Tuesday Sweater

NotRubyNotTuesday sweater

Begun:  April 3, 2013
Completed:  April 22, 2013

Pattern:  Ruby Tuesday cardigan by Ewa Durasiewicz, free pattern from her blog.

Yarn:  DGB Confetti 100 superwash, 75% wool/25% nylon, 100g = 422 metres. Used almost all of 2 balls.

Mods:  Slightly larger needle size gives me 21 sts = 4". I also used the suggestion to add some sts at the end of the yoke by inc at each side of what will be the sleeves as for a raglan every other row x 2 to give me 16 more sts for the body. I also used 2/2 rib instead of 1/1 because I didn't consult the pattern!

Comments:   I ended up with 12 buttonholes and it was fun to go shopping at Dressew for the coordinating red-brown buttons I needed. I didn’t have enough in the stash. I think they make this sweater a little more out-of-the-ordinary. The results are still a little tight for me but it's quite cute anyway.

This was a test to see how much yarn this pattern takes. But unfortunately the yarn that I really wanted to use won’t be enough unless I make it short-sleeved because there’s only 167g available. Sadly it would have been an awesome cardi. Sniff. Oh well. There’s plenty more yarn in the world, right? I like this cardigan shape, though would prefer a little more ease. I’m sure I’ll be trying again with something similar.

It’s raining today so I can’t work in the garden. It needed watering anyway. I spent most of this week getting the veggie beds in shape and planting the little seedlings. I still have space left for the beans to be seeded (soon!) and the tomatoes aren’t in yet. The flats are in the greenhouse but I’m still bringing them inside on colder nights. While I have this break I should get back up to the studio and sew some more.

OK. I’m gone.

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