Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pictureless Post

Gee, how does time get away from me so quickly? We had the Biggest Grandbeasties overnight last weekend and then I spent several productive days out in the garden. Clearing and weeding and hoeing. I’m harvesting a bucketful of salad greens every couple of days just by picking a leaf or two at a time. Yum! The asparagus is slowing down but we’ve had quite a few meals with their deliciousness included. The weather has been very conducive to growth so far and everything is doing very well. Too bad this is a summer of reduced planting because we’re planning a long vacation. Ya wins some and ya loses some.

Yesterday it rained so I got the two pairs of Mint Pants: Long & Short nearly finished. Should have them done today. They’re nearly identical to the Chocolate Cake Pants, just a few tweaks here and there. For some reason I was a little short on fabric this time so my capri version has slightly reduced hem allowance. Like anyone would notice! I’m including the button detail on the cuffs again because I liked that so much from the chocolate pair. I so wish there was more of this French terry in Dressew. I’d especially like a charcoal gray version but couldn’t find any. Only a darker green which I probably should have bought even though it had a faded line on the fold. It’s probably all gone now. There were only about 2 metres left on the bolt anyhow. Oh well. Maybe I’ll dye some of the remaining magenta interlock and have a tie-dyed pair! Printed and brightly coloured pants seem all the rage at the moment, don’t they? Would it be too big of a shock for me to go all trendy?

I know I haven’t showed you my handwoven dress refashion yet either. I was waiting to get a photo of me wearing it but when I wasn’t up to my elbows in dirt, it was too dark. Yeah, I’m not good at pictures of me. I can’t quite get them right. Maybe today.

I also finished the Not-Ruby Twos-day sweater. It’s very similar to the first Not-Ruby Not-Tuesday Cardi and I managed to get sleeves that come just past the elbows or can be turned up above that point. Since I didn’t think I had enough yarn for this sweater I consider that a success. I had about 2 metres of yarn left! Yes, this is another thing that needs photographing. Sigh.

In other random news, we are currently living with construction of a new house going on directly across the street. They’re putting in the forms for the foundation and the sound of the compressor is soooo annoying! There are several nearby building sites right now and I’m getting pretty tired of the trucks and the hammering. The only good part is that we’ve met our new neighbours who will be moving in and they are very nice including a pair of primary-school-aged kids.

And that’s about it for now. Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post. Come back soon, y’hear?


Mary said...

Louisa, Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm happy to meet you, and to have discovered your lovely and interesting blog.

Louisa said...

Lovely to meet you too, Mary! Always nice to find another kindred spirit. Do you also have the urge to go back in a new-to-you blog and read old posts? I do!

Anonymous said...

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