Friday, July 25, 2014

A Quick Upadate

Oh, man! This has definitely been the time for car repairs around here! Our MINI Cooper, Velvet (a whole 12 years old now!), needed an oil change but what she got was a new water pump, timing belt and a wash and brush up as well. Ouch. Though a lot of it was on warranty and such so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. She’s good to go now and the best part is we aren’t at all seduced by a new one – even though they have all kinds of mod-cons like a fob instead of a key and a push-button instead of a key-start. Who cares? She still works just fine. They don’t make her beautiful burgundy red anymore. And the new ones are tinny and cheap in comparison. So there. We loves our Velvet.

But really the best auto news is dear brother-in-law’s Westie is fixed now and they are back in search of the vacation that was sadly truncated by a breakdown in sweet little Pincher Creek, AB. Yay! We’ve been invited to catch up to them on their way back home at Kettle River Provincial Park next week for a few days of camping in tandem again. I think they were very happy with the repair shop we sent them to (a pleased shout-out to Bert’s Automotive in Vancouver!!!) that allowed them to get back on the road before they lost all their campground reservations and vacation time. They fixed our Westie recently too and she’s really good now. Oils well that ends well, yeah? Stuff happens. Wish it didn’t but that’s life.

So meanwhile, I’ve been having some trouble with my left thumb. Don’t know quite what I did to it but I haven’t been able to knit or hold a shuttle comfortably. The problem seems intermittent at best. One day trouble – next day fine – next day trouble again. Anyway I gave it today to rest and hopefully I can carry on normally very soon. It’s driving me nuts! I’m so used to knitting whenever I have any downtime. I’m going twitchy without it. twitch twitch

More soon.


Anonymous said...

thumbs are so important - the racoons know that! my right hand pinkie is painful and stiff - putting it down to the recent dampness and many years of overuse. trying to train myself to hold the knitting differently - boy is that difficult! hope a rest makes things better.

Louisa said...

The old thumb seems to be better after a day of near-complete rest. It was fine after yesterday's knitting and weaving. Still don't know what I did! It would be nice to know so I don't do whatever-it-is again.

I already knit Continental and don't move my hands very much at all. Crochet is much harder on my wrists and I can barely knit English-style anymore! I'm trying to learn how to do 2-colour knitting by tensioning both on my left hand instead of holding one strand in each hand. Yep, it's hard!