Thursday, March 05, 2015

Little Black Cardi Note 2

Just a quick one to say:

I should have washed the kinky yarn!

It looked awful. Dammit. So I ended up frogging the inch I had re-knit. Again. All that knitting wasted. (Those are some serious long rows!) I bravely broke off the yarn and then skeined it up and washed it. One ball was only partially kinked but I skeined the whole thing up anyway. It took some patient soaking to release the wrinkles but it’s all good now. I still have to rewind back into balls.

Let that be a lesson learned. Moving right along.


The socklady said...

Been there, tried it and it didn't work for me either.

Louisa said...

The annoying thing is that sometimes it's ok! Especially if it hasn't been that long since you knitted it or it's the kind of yarn that doesn't hold the kinks very well. In this case, wool/nylon sock yarn holds it much TOO well! Note to self.