Sunday, April 19, 2015

How NOT to Spend a Lovely Spring Day

Stuck in bed with some kind of bug! Bleh. This is the first time I’ve been sick in so long I can’t remember when. (Not counting The Hand Incident and the occasional migraine of course.) I successfully pretended it wasn’t there yesterday, despite the sore throat, but today it knocked me upside the head. I give! Taking it easy instead of doing all the garden things that are waiting for me. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, I have a Finished Object:


This is the replacement glasses sock for Thom, who managed somehow to lose the last one somewhere. I dug some leftover hand-dyed-by-me sock yarn out of the bin and had most of this thing done by the end of my weavers’ guild meeting on Thursday. Finished up and blocked it and now he’s got a sock to stash his reading glasses in again. He likes to keep it in his breast pocket. The sock prevents scratches on the lenses and even helps keep them from falling out. Do not ask me how he lost the previous version. He has no clue but it hasn’t turned up in over a week so we’re assuming it’s toast. He has the glasses that were in it though! Luckily. He goes through glasses even more quickly than he does their socks.

I have another Finished Object as well but you’ll have to wait for that one until I can get a photo. I got the Sweet Ginger Candelia Cardi off the needles and blocked yesterday evening. Hint: it’s really lovely and I have nearly half of the yarn I bought at Sweet Georgia’s left! More matching projects to come but I’ll likely wait until our September vacation to knit them.

While I was pretending that I wasn’t coming down with something yesterday, we went clothes shopping. No, not for me – for Thom! I’m so envious. He finds things he wants and (gasp!) they fit. The jeans, good old Levis 505’s, are exactly the same as the last 10 pairs. And on sale. The shoes that he likes best, Rockports, are still available in his favourite style and best of all they were on sale for less than half price. These will be perhaps his fourth pair? How many women’s styles are still available 10 or 15 years later? How about 10 or 15 months later? Uh-huh. I looked at the ladies shoes and…nada. Unless you like perilously steep heels or thin flip-flop styles, both with lots of cutesie embellishments and bling. Even if I liked them, which I don’t, there’s no way I could wear them. Say it with me now…I’m not the target market! Why do I only find shoes I like online? But then I won’t order them unless I know they’re going to fit and be comfortable. Otherwise it’s a crapshoot. So I don’t buy shoes. Saving big money here! Too bad I can’t make my own shoes, huh? So Thom got all the goodies this time.

Before I go I also wanted to show you what I meant the other day about cooking by colours. Here’s the beginning of the salad I made. I guess it could properly be called a slaw:


That’s a red carrot and a yellow beet all grated up! So pretty. Plus half of a Pacific Rose apple up there that hasn’t been chopped yet. The rest of the ingredients included pale green cabbage and dark green pumpkin seeds, finished with a mayo-based dressing. Yum. My taste buds enjoyed it as much as my eyes did.

Well, guess I’ll go back to lying here trying not to cough up a lung. I’m knitting on the Mia Tunic and reading an e-book from the public library. Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow because the squashes and cukes won’t wait any longer to be transplanted into bigger pots. I totally have better things to do with my day. Grrr…

Whine over.


Heather said...

Hope you feel better very soon! And your salad looks fabuloso - I like to make something similar - sometimes with a sprinkle of toasted black sesame seeds for contrast. Cooking with colour is healthy too!

Louisa said... sesame. There's an idea!