Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Latest Sweater

Still coughing but feeling marginally better today. I managed to get a couple of photos of the latest FO. Sadly not on me – sorry. I wasn’t quite up to getting dressed and posing so good old Debbie Double stood in for me yet again. I love her.

Sweet Ginger Candelia Cardi

CandeliaCardi front

And the cute little back feature:

CandeliaCardi back

The yarn is Sweet Georgia BFL Sock in “ginger” but a mistake-dye so I got it at half-price. The colour in these photos is unfortunately a bit washed out. IRL it’s somewhat darker and a bit more on the rusty side. It only took a few yards more than 2 skeins. The pattern is Candelia by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. Her version is very similar to mine in colour!

This has to be some kind of speed record for yarn-to-garment! I cast on the day I bought the yarn and it only took 3 weeks to finish. The joke is on me though because my swatch lied. I knitted the size 41-3/4 thinking that would give me a cardi with 0 ease. However, it came out at least a size smaller. Perhaps I got the needle size wrong when I was working out my calculations? Or I just can’t count stitches. I think it’s ok though. Not TOO tight. But definitely not exactly what I was going for originally.

I love being able to finally use the clasps and the buttons in a project. They’ve been in stash forever. I think they are perfect for this cardi. Now that I have the better part of 2 more skeins of this yarn left you will be seeing more projects using it. Eventually.

Oh, and from the “I knew it” files: Thom found his lost glasses sock! Two days after I finished his replacement. The lost one was in the VW Westie which we haven’t driven for awhile. He had been opening up the top of the van to air it when the sock went missing. At least we know that now. It was right there the next time he opened the door. Now he has a spare!

I’ll embellish today’s rather short post with this colourful display:


Those lovely little morsels came out of my garden this morning. I picked one or two leaves from each of my salad plants. There’s lettuce (cimmaron and buttercrunch), mizuna (regular, red and kyona), red komatsuna, arugula, choi sum, lamb’s lettuce, and garlic chives. They are at the perfectly small and tender stage right now. Doesn’t get any better than this!

I also picked some more kale buds, asparagus and rhubarb. I missed having rhubarb sauce on my vanilla yoghurt and granola for breakfast this morning after we ran out of my first batch a few days ago. It’s surprising how many dishes it tastes good on. Adds a bit of sweet/tart. Delish. I can’t be bothered to make a pie or anything. Muffins would be good though. Hmmm…

Off to the studio to continue working on the Mia Tunic. Nearly finished knitting the top part down to the underarms. After that it’ll be pretty smooth sailing. Except for dragging those heavy yarn cones around! I need a better tote. Maybe I should heave the wool out of my African market basket and use that? Let’s see if that works better.


Anonymous said...

Debbie Double looks good in her new cardi. I, too am considering a new look for the old blog but am reluctant to go to all the work, make that final click and loose everything to the blog land recycle bin. Hope you are feeling better.

Louisa said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jean! Debbie honestly does a much better job of modelling than I do.

Yes, I know what you mean about losing stuff when updating. I did back things up first though! Not quite finished the spiff up yet methinks. Perhaps a few minor tweaks to go. It's rather more time consuming than one would think!