Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Adventures In Overdyeing

Yes, overdyeing is a word - at least in my language! Take something that's one colour and apply another dye colour over top. Why be stuck with "not quite right" when you can get "much better" instead?

The bottom yarn balls are the original colours of madder pink and dyer's polypore yellow. The slightly more gold polypore dyed yarn got completely overdyed so there's no sample of it left! The skeins from the top are:  weld over madder, weld over yellow polypore, weld exhaust and copper modifier over gold polypore, logwood and iron modifier over gold polypore (in the photo it looks more greenish than the warm grey IRL), and logwood over madder. Whew!

The yarn is the Plymouth Yarns alpaca/tencel/bamboo sock yarn (not that I would use it for socks). It's twisted with 6 strands of very fine 2-ply yarns so quite dense and round. I plan to use these colours for stripes along with my dark madder Autumn Embers wool/nylon sock yarn for a cardigan sweater. More on that after I finish the other three knitting projects that are still in the works!

I also have an eco-dyed scarf that I have to unpack today. I only dyed one of the four that I hemmed so far. They are patient and will wait until I see what this one turned out. Best kind of present to unwrap - though this one will go home with someone else. Not to worry. There will be photos.

Lastly I finished spinning and plying the first monster fluffy skein of Falklands wool that I bought at Fibres West back in March from Lynne at Knitopia. It's so soft and luscious!

This photo doesn't do it justice at all. Skein Number One is 156 g and nearly 500 yards of mahogany tweediness. Delicious! Two more of these to go and I'll have enough for a tunic sweater. I have a feeling it's going to pill fairly easily though so this will be an occasional sweater not an everyday one.

So how's everyone doing with your holiday plans? Twirling like the Sugar Plum Fairy yet? We have our fresh turkey ordered and groceries purchased. I just have to bake the shortbread and butter tarts. Gotta have some traditions, ya know! 


Anonymous said...

lovely soft colours with your overdyeing. It is a great way to rescue those not-so-wonderful natural dye colours, the only problem is you can never repeat that one truly marvellous surprise.

Louisa said...

I know! I try to dye everything I need in the same pot but even then they don't always match. I'm learning not to care!