Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nearly There

So my weavers' and spinners' guild had our annual Christmas party. We even had some First Nations drumming and singing in honour of the guild's gift of handwoven medicine bags to a healing  initiative. Good food and good friendship - the best part of the Season for most people I would say.

My eco-dyed silk chiffon scarf got finished in time:

I think it turned out pretty nice! I used cranesbill geranium, purple plum, sweet gum, and smoke bush leaves wrapped around a stick and with logwood and a hint of iron in the simmering pot. I love the patterning the string makes. The scarf went to a good home and in exchange I got.... a commercially made little box shaped like a Japanese zori (flip-flop). 

Whoop-de-do. I'm trying very hard not to feel a little cheated. My last year's gift was an odd one, but I ended up liking it a lot. Buddy, the mini garden gnome likes it too:

He and the purple lizard have hit it off and the plants have done well in their tiny garden. But then it's the thought that counts, right? The zori box came from a new guild member who apologized for not being able to make something at the last moment. No problem. It can go into my studio where I already have a larger version that someone gave me years ago. It holds paper clips. Maybe this little one can hold something else useful too.

Well the partying has begun in earnest now! This evening is our annual Solstice supper with the immediate family. This year it's at our daughter's because they will be visiting her husband's family for Christmas Day. Gotta spread the cheer around though we'll miss them at our house. Tomorrow we host my sister and family visiting from Haida Gwaii for dinner. And then we brace for the onslaught of the Thundering Hordes here on Christmas Day. It'll be fun! And I'll be very glad when things settle down again in January. I always get the most accomplished in the studio in the dead of winter. Except I got cheated last year with The Hand Incident. Since it's all better now I have no excuses, right?
Wishing everyone a very Happy Solstice and return of the sun! For those of us in the darkest north at least. May there always be light in your hearts and warmth in your life!



Sharon in Surrey said...

That was a very lovely scarf!! You really MUST make one for yourself. The little box can hold stitch markers. It's only saving grace is COLOR because I am SURE it's the only bright red thing in your house!! Gift exchanges always bum me out too. Some people work so hard & some just toss anything into a bag - I usually always knit socks since they're the easiest for me, even though some people say it's too much. Sometimes, I've done something different like knit a cotton shopping bag with face cloth & soap inside. I mean, how hard is that!!?? If you can't take the time to make something, don't participate.

And Happy Solstice to you, Old Bean. Looking forward to the return of the sun.

Louisa said...

Thanks, sweetie! Not to worry, I have 3 more scarves that I haven't dyed yet. And more fabrics if I want to bother hemming them.

spinne said...

The scarf i's gorgeous!!!

Heather said...

Happy Solstice dear Louisa. Best wishes for a cozy, quiet and productive January and a great 2016 overall!!

Anonymous said...

happy holidays, Louisa, hope you have a lovely time with the family and all is merry and bright. Gorgeous scarf, I'm not a big fan of guild gift exchanges either. some people just don't seem to "get it".

Louisa said...

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings. Big hugs to you all!