Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Testing. Testing.

Hello, my darlings! Today we are experimenting with a new app to post to my blog. I won't mention names until I know it's working the way I want it to. There's a learning curve to this one. Mistakes will be made. Guaranteed! It was raining hard today. See?  
  I spent the day busy in my studio. First I plied another skein of the Falklands wool. It's been washed and is currently drying on the basement clothesline. Then I knitted another section of the Featherstonehaugh:  
  The wrinkled grey one is the newest section. I keep blocking them as I knit because they are just too pathetic otherwise! Of course I'll give it a proper wash and pin-block when I'm done. Meanwhile I'm pretty sure I have enough naturally dyed yarn to make a full shawl. Next I sewed for awhile on my latest Tilton. I'm nearly finished- just have the collar left. More soon.   First I want to see how this works! Crossing my pinkies....   ETA:  Obviously a paragraph issue! I'm waiting on a tech support reply.  


Sharon in Surrey said...

More color! What's going on??? Oooops. Don't explain. It might spoil it all. Like asking a caterpillar how it walks. Looks very interesting though.

Louisa said...

Mwah-ha-ha!! Yes, Sharon, your eyes do not deceive you. They are all bright pastels and I dyed them with...{drumroll please}.....natural dyes! They are the leftovers from my Stripey Sweater which is so nearly done I can taste it. Ah. Delicious. More details to come.